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Re: Career Tab and Progress Bar messed up

by jpkarlsen

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Career Tab and Progress Bar messed up

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Hello. So, I have been trying to figure this out myself for a while now, but to no avail. My sims 4 career tab is completely broken. It will pop up when you click on it, but it does not show promotion tasks. Also, the performance bar is glitched out completely, the performance status will say "Excellent" or "Average" and such, but the little arrow will be in the red or orange, and the green and yellow are no where to be seen on the tab. It is the same for the school progress as well, basically anything having to do with the career tab. I would like to fix it because it's hard to get promotions and such with it like this. Thank you for any help you can give me! Just some notes: I am still able to get a career and get promotions and advance in it, promotions just happen randomly since I can't see what I actually have to do to get the promotion. 

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Re: Career Tab and Progress Bar messed up

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Hi @badoboeplayer1 If you use mod or cc; since a Career has been added, it's best to check any cc/mods that change/interact with the Careers in General. Also please check here for any broken or updated mods . and here for more tips on fixing your game. 


If you don't use cc/or mods:



There is a step by step here on Clearing Cache Files (you can also move it to the desktop instead of deleting if you want to be on the safe side).

Another idea for you is to to a Clean Boot of your pc.


Here's a troubleshooter. and another troubleshooter post by Crinrict

Hope this helps,


 If you check through those and still experience problems, let us know.



I have no connection to EA

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Re: Career Tab and Progress Bar messed up

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Change the games resolution  to the recommended resolution of your graphics card. Usually the highest setting

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