Cannot start since latest update

by FRNathan13

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Cannot start since latest update

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After the Lobi sims update my game broke all...

After I updated I opened the game, simply ALL THE EXPANSION WORLDS I HAVE GONE. I have cats and dogs, seasons, work and gourmet getaways. And NONE of the worlds that are in some of these DLCs are not showing up.

In the main menu appeared "You have this DLC", ok but inside the game nothing appears ........ I DELETED MY SAVES thinking it was the save with problem, guess what it wasn't. This update broke the whole game.

And the seasons, it just doesn't work anymore, there's no weather or anything. I reinstalled the game, and now it won't open. For the love of god, is this a joke?

Now it just doesn't open anymore, and the error message appears

Unable to start:
Initialization error at start up.

Even this damned desktop app keeps giving problems with the sims 4.

It's not the first time. The other times he didn't want to update the game. I do not recommend anyone to migrate to this poorly made app.

Repair option doesn't work on him... He pretends to do something, but it's impossible for him to finish repairing in less than 1 second.........

- No CC
- No mod installed (I don't use cc or mods)
- Clean install of game and OS
- Using this damn ea desktop app

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Re: Cannot start since latest update

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@FRNathan13  i would recommend deleting EA Desktop since its still in beta and has bugs and use the regualr origin version for now since its more stable 

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Re: Cannot start since latest update

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I had the same issue, i fixed it by going to game properties and into launch options. In the launch options delete your reticle color information and the game starts after i did that.

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Re: Cannot start since latest update

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@TheSuperWolf100Yeah i was using origin, but some people started sharing that we migrate to EA Desktop App, because soo origin was about to close. So i installed EA Desktop app, but this app is causing many troubles with TS4.


@GhettoBlackKid3 main problem is, EA Desktop app, does not allow me do anything. Just have two options start or repair game.

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Re: Cannot start since latest update

@FRNathan13  For the initialization error, please try the steps listed here:


Please also repair the game within the EA App, or Origin if you've gone back to it.  The repair should restore the missing packs.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Cannot start since latest update

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I uninstlaled EA Desktop App + All Games i had installed before (Simcity and Sims 4) and now, everything is working as excepted.


Also there maaaaaaaaany files missing that EA Desktop App didn't downloaded while i attempted to install before.


So tip of day, DON'T use anymeans EA Desktop App

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