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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

by crinrict

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Cannot connect to Gallery

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Cannot connect to the Gallery online

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Re: oops, something has gone wrong! please try again later! SIMS 4

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EA Sims Team

Edited: If anyone is experiencing issues to connect to the Gallery and you don't see any recent threads around it here, please, open a new thread to let us know.





There was a Gallery maintenance earlier today that we hope helped with this issue. 

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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

Community Manager

Hey @PaatB are you seeing an error message of any kind when you try to connect to the gallery?

The more info we have the better we can help.


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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

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Hi! I'm having the same problems on both my Mac and my Xbox. Both games are updated to the latest patch and there are no mods being used. There are also no error messages, just the loading wheeling spinning as it says "Attempting To Connect". The internet is working as well. Any help on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

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I've been having the same issue. I did try repairing sims 4 from origins, which temporarily works but as soon as I log out and back in it doesn't connect again. I just keep repairing it for now so i can see my gallery. I'm also having an issue with my gallery news feed vanishing. Using Windows.

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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

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Also i'm trying to delete uploads from my shared gallery and they won't delete.


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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

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I too had this issue and no tips online solved it for me.


I tried a solution of putting Origin in offline mode and then back to online, started up the game again. This time I could access the gallery again. See if it works for more people, sometimes the simplest solution is the one mostly forgotten. 

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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

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Has anyone found a way to fix this yet??

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Re: Cannot connect to Gallery

@tarannyl Anyone still having issues after the maintenance ?

Happy Gaming


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[CURRENT ISSUE - 01/27/2020] Gallery not connecting

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I cannot access The Sims 4 Gallery. I try and connect online but it just doesn't connect therefor I cannot access the gallery or my library Frown

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Re: Cannot access the Sims 4 Gallery or my library.



Please can you provide more information about your Mac. Instructions on how to do so and what to provide here -

The Sims 3 Mac Forum - | - The Sims 4 Mac Forum -
- Origin Reset Tool for Mac -
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