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Can't upload content to my studio Sims 3 (MAC - osMojave)

by AlexTorrance

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Can't upload content to my studio Sims 3 (MAC - osMojave)

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When I try to upload sims I created in the game to my studio through the launcher a new window pops up and it says "You didn't access yet. Wanna do it now?" even tho I did access and I also selected the option to "keep me logged in". What is the problem?

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Re: Can't upload content to my studio Sims 3 (MAC - osMojave)

@AlexTorrance  The problem is probably the same as last time, that the launcher and store don't particularly like to cooperate.  The troubleshooting steps are similar to before:

  • Restart your computer and try as soon as you login.
  • Clear your browser caches.  I'm not sure which browser TS3 uses on a mac by default, so clear them all.
  • The option to stay signed in might be an issue, so try declining it instead.
  • There's a file in Downloads inside your game folder labeled [your email].bin.  Delete it.

If nothing else works, pull your entire game folder out of Documents, open the launcher to get a new one, and then move the file(s) in Exports from your old game folder to the new one.  It might also help to upload one file at a time.


There's also a chance that the files themselves are corrupted, or that the Exchange is rejecting them.  The latter usually has to do with some cc item that the Exchange doesn't like.  If you think that might be the issue, you can try uploading a sim with no cc at all and see if it works better.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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