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Re: Can’t purchase Sunlit Tides in Sims 3 Game

by puzzlezaddict

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Can’t purchase Sunlit Tides in Sims 3 Game

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When I try to purchase Sunlit Tides - Good in Sims 3, it keeps giving me the error : There is a problem connecting to the server. Please ensure your internet connection is active. If the problem persists try again later. 

I am trying to purchase in the actual game at the main menu. I’m running the Sims 3 on windows. Everything is updated.  

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Re: Can’t purchase Sunlit Tides in Sims 3 Game

@kayajack  Are you trying to buy Sunlit Tides with SimPoints, or with cash?  There is no way to buy ST through Origin, and the store site doesn't support cash transactions anymore.  So as far as I know, the only way to buy ST is to buy points through Origin, then buy the world through the store.


If that's what you're trying to do, it's a lot easier to just go to the store site and buy directly from the product page.  Go here:


Sign into the account that has Sims 3 on it, buy the world, click Download, and then install it through the launcher.  If this doesn't work, clear your browser cache, or use a different browser; Firefox and Internet Explorer seem to be more reliable than Chrome or Edge.


By the way, both Sunlit Tides standard and the venue that the Gold version comes with go on sale every once in a while.  So you could get all the content in the Gold version for 1,640 points (1,127 for ST, 512 for the Serenity Retreat) rather than 3,524.  If you're interested, please see this post, and specifically the Daily Deal spreadsheet linked in the post, for details, as well as a schedule of when each goes on sale.


The Serenity Retreat is next at its cheapest sale price on July 4; Sunlit Tides goes on sale on July 28.  Each sale is 2 hours long.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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