Can’t play - infinite return to map

by caroowilliams

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Can’t play - infinite return to map

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hello! Yesterday, I repaired my Sims 4 game as it kept getting stuck on the spinning plumbob screen forever whenever I tried to travel to Mt. Komorebi, but otherwise I had been playing with little issue (aside from one household being unable to clean up for some reason). I only just bought Snowy Escape a few days ago so I figured it was the issue and that repairing it should fix it. 
After repairing the game, however, I now cannot play at all. I can start a new game or load a save, but when I get to the map, after I choose a location to play it goes to the loading screen and then back to the map.


I tried restarting my computer and repairing the game again but no luck. 

I did try removing my Sims4 folder completely and starting a new game and I was able to get past the issue, but I really don’t want to lose my saves.


thanks in advance!

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Re: Can’t play - infinite return to map

@caroowilliams  Try recovering a backup of your existing save:


It's best to try loading it in the new Sims 4 folder (as in, copy the backup over and see whether it loads), just in case there's a problem with your old user folder.


There is also currently a problem with traveling the festival:


So it's best to avoid that feature for now.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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