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Can't open any business besides retail

by chumbaker

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Can't open any business besides retail

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Hi, I don't know if someone has had this problem, but my Sims 4 Get To Work wont let me open a café?? I have done it successfully in the past, but this time, whenever I try to open a cafe, it changes to retail and tells me my sim can only purchase a retail store or an unowned residential lot.


So I purchase a residential lot, and try to change the venue type, but then it tells me the venue type can't be changed once the store is owned.


After this, I try to sell the business and then go in on Manage Worlds and change the plot (specifically Potters Splay, if you're wondering) to a Café-- and it works, but as soon as my sim purchases it, it automatically sets back to a Retail store and just like before, I can't change the venue type. I just want to run a cute little cafe Frown((

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Re: Can't open any business besides retail

Hi @chumbaker,


You can't run a café. The only business you can run are retail stores with Get to work Expansion Pack.

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Re: Can't open any business besides retail

The sims 4 pack Dine Out will have ownable restaurants - the pack will be released 6/7/2016


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