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Can't login The Sims Forum

by BrattyGeekettes

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Can't login The Sims Forum

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Hey guys, I am having this issue as stated above. I tried cleaning my browser cache, still can't. The first time I click "sign in" it asked me to login into the EA account, after that when it redirects me to forum, i am not logged in yet. And then whenever I click on the "sign-in", it just keeps redirecting but I am not even signed in after. What is going on?

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Re: Can't login The Sims Forum

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The Sims Forum is undergoing maintenance and some upgrades. There was a notice about new things coming to the forum, it's happening today. Be patient and try in an hour or two, it may be back up by then.

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Re: Can't login The Sims Forum

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Besides getting kicked back to the sign in page, I'm now getting a BLOCKED page. Are you not allowed to try back? I've gone to other sites, read my emails, read a few articles, surely that should be long enough, when all it says is to "try back later". Guess I'll just go play my game, but I do like to keep abreast of what's going on and I find the forums helpful. Grr.

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Re: Can't login The Sims Forum

@GalacticGal @BrattyGeekettes there were some issues with the forum yesterday, could you check if the forum now works?


do not work for EA




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Re: Can't login The Sims Forum

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@BrattyGeekettes Same thing happens to me but when I click sign in I get a page to select a screen name and log in when I put my screen name in then It says to pick a pssword and it tells me that my screen name is already in use and to pick another one and it tries to make me a new account! This has happened before and I can't go to my book marks which I' m active in because it says I have to be a member! This has been going on now for two weeks.
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