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Re: Can't kick/move out sims for the Sims3

by puzzlezaddict

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Can't kick/move out sims for the Sims3

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So I am trying to do the 100 baby challenge and I am up to 22 kids so far. But now I am at a point where I need to remove/kick out some of the adult kids that I have. I have tried to merge/split them up but it doesn't work saying "you have too many sims in your household" At this point I don't know what else to do. I've tried looking up on Google and YouTube on how to kick/move sims out but most of them say "click on your sim and open the phone or click a computer and click the option (Kick Out)" there is nothing that says that anywhere on my screen. Google and YouTube is useless to me right now. They show you videos on how to do it but most of them are for Sims4. Which I am playing Sims3. I even tried asking people on Yahoo Answers. Someone said  try killing them. All I want is to move them out, so I can make room for more kids. 


Can anyone help me please. I am getting a headache from this.

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Re: Can't kick/move out sims for the Sims3

@AngelxPrincess26  To move sims out of an overstuffed household, you specifically need NRaas Mover.  I take it you're already using at least some mods, or you wouldn't be able to have so many sims in the house as it is.  Mover is simple and doesn't take any work to use: it just replaces the default moving scenarios with ones that give you more flexibility, such as allowing you to work with overstuffed households or moving teens out without an adult.


Another approach, if you have NRaas MasterController, is to use MC to manually add sims to a different lot.  Click on the ground of the lot and select NRaas > MC > Add Sim, then you can choose a filter like "Active Family" or "Current Lot" to narrow down the list to the adult kids you want to evict.  They'll be added to the lot you chose without needing to pay for it, and without your having to go through the Move interaction.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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