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Can't figure out password

by GraceB345

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Can't figure out password

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Hello, i own the sims 3. I'm trying to find my password, i have no idea what it is! Now it says Game Specifics Identities and then below it The Sims, with something i thought was a password across that. But when i put that in as a password it denies it. Please help me and thank you! BTW, im trying to log in to Sims 3 forums

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Re: Can't figure out password

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@GraceB345 Hi there

The Answer HQ is a community site and as ordinary users like you, we are unable to assist you with account, billing. serial-code and the like related issues.

Please contact a game advisor directly for help with your issue: . For help with navigating the site, see this:

Best of luck and happy gaming

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