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Can't click on area to load the game

by leslieb2012

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Can't click on area to load the game

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for me i cant load a game because it wont let me click in that area ever in the game. in create a sim i have to move an object higher or lower on the screen to click it. and in build mode i have to do the same. the hit box for that area is just non existent so i can only play the last family/sim i made because there is no other way to load a game. i have a dell computer and cc but this happened before i downloaded it i can click on that area outside of the game. when i try to click that area the mouse goes back to the normal one and wont let me click. :\

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Re: Can't click on area to load the game

@leslieb2012 I moved your post to tech for troubleshooting.

This mostly happens if you have some overlay running in the back.

Discord, Origin in game or even Windows.

Do you have anything of that kind running in the back ?

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Re: Can't click on area to load the game

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Change resolutions setting of the screen in the game options. There will be given various options that match your monitor. Try different ones and see after which your Load Button will recover


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Re: Can't click on area to load the game

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I'm not sure this will help, but I had some sort of problem and had to set up the game to play in windowed mode.  It was long enough ago that I do not remember my exact problem, but that was the solution that worked for me. 


I know on other games, if I have issues where I can't click on things I start by either going to full screen game play or windowed game play (whichever I am not already in.)

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