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Can't change skins

by WizardOfRoz

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Can't change skins

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I wasn't sure if I should add this here.  If there is a conversation about this already, please move this post.

I'm not sure when this issue started happening, but I recently went into CAS to change a sim's skin color and I wasn't able to.  I've used cas.fulleditmode, manage worlds, modify sim through testing cheats - but nothing worked.  I do have CC skins.  I removed my mods and cc, repaired and tried again without them installed.  Still nothing.  I click on the different skin tones and nothing happens. 

I know from Twitter that there are other people having this issue.
Just wondering if this is a known bug, and if it's being looked into?



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Re: Can't change skins




Moved this to the tech forum cause it's quite unrelated to the post you posted in and for a new post in the bug forum, I need you to make a new thread and fill out the form.


That said, did you try on fresh Sims or only on those that had cc skins ? Did you also delete cache files after removing cc/mods ?

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