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Can't Log into Launcher

by LillyPutian

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Can't Log into Launcher

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I can't log into the launcher and cannot download my purchased and bonus items.  In fact, I gave up a couple of years ago and only recently came back to it.  EAs techs have been too slow to respond and I haven't had time by the time they responded to deal with the issues, however, when I did, none of their suggestions worked.  I've seen some people suggest logging in through the Store to download content, but when I go to download the content, the Store brings up the launcher and requires a log in before getting items.


I've redownloaded Origin (several times), have removed the email address file from the documents/Sims3/downloads folder, in the past I've cleared the cache on IE, but now there is a new version of IE and I can't seem to figure out how to do that.  What else do I need to do?

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Re: Can't Log into Launcher

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To download content - you don't need to be registered into the launcher, only in the website and I suppose Origin (not too sure). 


Try clearing your browser cache or changing browsers


Open the launcher before you download it from your purchase history

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Re: Can't Log into Launcher

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To download content that I've paid for through the store, or have used Sim points for, I need to log into the launcher.  The launcher log-in menu pops up immediately whenever I go to download or install items from my purchase history and will not let me proceed from that point.  It loops continuously on the log in screen.


My caches are cleared.  This does not work on IE or Modzilla (or Chrome).  This does not work with background tasks disabled, an updated Java or with scripting enabled.  This does not work with an updated Net framework nor framework 3.5 pack 1.  


I'm beginning to think all the things I read that you need to do in order to make the launcher work are simply like crossing your fingers while snapping them and throwing something over your shoulder.  It does not work.  It does not work.  It does not make sense that a person can sign into their store account and make purchases and then be asked to sign in once again in order to download said purchases and yet be unable to sign in for the second step.


I've only been struggling with this problem for a few years now and have been on the phone with EA several times about it.  I've yet to get any real help. One night, a tech kept me on the phone way past my bed time only to completely mess up my ability to even launch the game through the launcher. He had me "repair" my games through Origin, which are all of an earlier version than the ones I've installed via disk.  Why would Origin keep on file versions of games that are not the latest?????  


Just ranting.  To say the least, I am beyond irritated.  It should not be this complicated to get things that have been paid for.  

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