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I downloaded the stupid EA app after uninstalling Origin, and still cannot find where to buy Sim points.

EA is such an awful company that they don't know how to accept free money lol


Edit to add: There is no DLC option showing up in my library, and searching "Sim points" brings up a bunch of results for nothing but Sims 4. EA is not being subtle.

Another edit: If anyone wants an actual non-EA-affiliated answer, I finally figured it out:

1. Under Installed Games, click Sims 3 (don't hit the play icon, hit the game name itself)
2. Scroll down slightly and you will see a link for Sims 3 Currency with buy options. 

There is no DLC option.

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Re: Can't Buy SimPoints on

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you can find them on new ea app. just scroll down

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Re: Can't Buy SimPoints on

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You are a life saver!!! I felt as if they were pushing the sims 4 on us because that’s all that shows up. I know the future of the sims 3 is coming to an end and it makes me sad that they’re not even being subtle lol!!

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Re: Can't Buy SimPoints on

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@EA_Cade Well man,  that sucks!Tongue out


Thanks for the heads-up, but is there any slim chance in hell that's going to be fixed? 



Oh, silly me, of course not since EA wants EVERYONE to sign up for their glittering new EA "app".Thumbs down

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Re: Can't Buy SimPoints on

@Its_All_Bolloxs  You can buy SimPoints in the Origin app too, that is if you still have it installed or can reinstall it.  Just search for "SimPoints" and click on the result.


You can download the Origin installer here:


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Can't Buy SimPoints on

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i've discovered the option in the new EA App

and its working OK !!




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Re: what happened to simpoints?? 2022

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@NatalieQuay I was just able to buy SimPoints using Origin.
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Where is the option to but sim points?? Everytime I try from the sims3store it takes me here but nothing happens. :/

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@blitzbunni   You should be using the EA app if you playing on a pc.. Open EA app. Click library. click Sims 3 icon. Scroll down - should be first choice The Sims 3 currency.

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Re: Where to purchase simpoint bundles?

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@roseredpinball I cannot find where to buy TS3 points since the switch
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