Re: Camera movement stutter and jittery sims when traveling

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Camera movement stutter and jittery sims when traveling

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I'm having some stutter and jitter problems with the sims 4.
My specs are as follow for my Dell Inspiron 3670 desktop pc:
Intel i7-8700
12gb ram
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

So my problem is as follow...
When i move the camera around i get an annoying stutter. When i travel with a sim to a different world, the sims and camera movement jitter.

I have basically tried everything mentioned on reddit, this blog and other blogs. I have scoured the corners of the internet for solutions people have found who experienced the same problems.

I play the game in full screen windowed mode (full screen mode makes it way worse)
I play in 1920x1080 resolution with vsync ON both in my control panel global settings, control panel sims 4 settings and in game. If i were to turn it off the stutter is craaaazy.
My dell 22" monitor has a refresh rate of 60hz so the vsync caps my fps to 60, i don't get much lower than 40 fps, it's a steady 55-60 fps when the camera is still and drops to 40 when the stutter happens.
In the control panel i have my dedicated gpu selected to open the game (i try playing through nvidia experience to force the dedicated gpu to be engaged, but it performs the same way it would if i were to play through origin). It's power usage is set to high power usage and the quality is set to high performance. I also have triple buffering ON in the control panel.
I have uninstalled my nvidia drivers and reinstalled them leaving the HD audio drivers out, cause i read that worked for someone.
It does little to nothing for me.
I tried laptop mode to no avail.
I tried changing my graphic rules to cancel out all the low LOD counts, but that has my pc making the weirdest noises, although it did almost get completely rid of the "sim jitters" but i reverted them back to default for i am worried it'll make my gpu or cpu overheat. I know that EVGA factory overclocks their gpu's within a save parameter, so i don't want to add extra stress to it. The sound it makes is unsettling, it sounds like a bike reffing it's gears.

I have origin ingame turned off and all the internet connections to the gallery turned off in game. I tried taking my tray folder out but it does nothing for performance.
The games cache files are empty! Like there's nothing in there.
I do play with mods and cc, but taking them out does not affect ANYthing.

I did try to repair the game through origin a few times (taking mods folder, tray and saves out before hand) but this does nothing for the live mode stutter! In fact it posts a new problem, stutter in CAS! whaat!? The only thing that fixes the newly acquired stutter in cas is doing a complete uninstall & reinstall of both the sims game and origin (will never try to repair my game again).

My monitor is set to "game" in the display settings for reduction of input lag, which i initially thought was the problem.

I have used Master Controller to set the max sims in a zone to 10 cause i thought my pc can't handle the 20 mark sim count, but it does nothing for me at all. Being said, my pc should be able to handle 100 sims on a lot, but in any case.

Weird note i absolutely have to add is that the camera stutter STOPS when live mode is paused and when I'm in build/buy mode. That's why i thought it was the sim count, cause maybe my pc can't handle all the actions of all the sims.

I have 11 packs installed excluding the base game.

I'm gonna try and revert windows back to the previous version (honestly i don't think this will work but it's worth a shot)
My friend who has a gaming laptop with a nvidia 970M graphics card plays the sims sooo smooth, he's native screen resolution is also 1920x1080. He had some spiraling camera problems with the latest update of windows (version 1903), which I'm running atm, but i don't have that problem at all just the stutter. I would've tried to revert back to the previous version, but I'm already using the new version for more than 10 days so I cannot do that to troubleshoot.

My other friend is running a radeon and she's not experiencing any stutter whatsoever, overall the smoothest gameplay I've seen to date. She also has a 1920x1080 monitor.

This leads me to think that the problem is on my side. That there's something wrong with my pc perhaps. I just got it back with the new gpu and i can finally play on ultra but I'm still having the stutters just like before with my old card. I thought upgrading the gpu would solve this, but it didn't and it makes me sad/angry/frustrated and hopeless to think i kinda flushed money down the toilet. Even though I'm so ecstatic that i can play on Ultra, but the stutters and jitters gives me anxiety and makes me wanna quit.
I'm making youtube sims videos and it's such a fun thing for me to do, but putting out content with jolty stutters makes me feel awful.

I honestly hope someone can help me. Please leave any suggestions on what i can try. Atm i feel like I'm the only one experiencing this and I'd like to hear if there's anyone else that notices these micro stutters too. Thank you all in advance for listening and/or helping ❤


PS. I attached my Dxdiag 

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Re: Camera movement stutter and jittery sims when traveling

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I honestly could be wrong about the frame rate drop, that account happened in a major stutter. the other small stutters doesn't really affect the fps, but i will check again and report back.

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Re: Camera movement stutter and jittery sims when traveling


1. First, disconnect your Internet completely when you will in-game and try without it.
2. Check if your the cooling system works well and the GPU does not overheat..(Check if your computer is clean)
3. Check whether your system has any problems that may not have been shown in DxDiag

I don't work for EA

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Re: Camera movement stutter and jittery sims when traveling

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thank you so much for the reply. I'm sorry I'm only getting back to you now. I had my pc at the shop, they tested the temp and said it's fine, but I suspect i have corrupted windows 10 files.

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