[CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 3 Store content uninstalls/won't reinstall, EA App

by puzzlezaddict

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Re: Launcher claiming I don't own item under my Sim Store Purchase History

@lgaudet  I've moved your post to the master thread for this issue.  Please see the first post on page one for more information.  You'll also notice a reply from an EA Community Manager a few posts above yours saying this issue may be resolved soon.


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Re: Sims 3 Version 1.69 Store Content Won't Download

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I recently switched to EA app and experienced the same problem. After a few play sessions, all of my installed store content disappeared (except the prius and ford promotional items???). Trying to reinstall them with the download files I had backed up did not work either, which I saw was also common and I might need fresh download files. That had taken hours today!


I went to try the fixes mentioned in this particular reply with settings in the EA app: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues-PC/CURRENT-ISSUE-Sims-3-Store-content-uninstalls-won-t-re...


Note I already had my EA app settings so that I received no in-game notifications and have no in-game overlay. But I decided to just turn them on and turn them back off again, since the post instructed me to turn them off.


Well, I opened the launcher again and it now recognized my download files (showing icons instead of the boxes) and it showed them all as installed! It may be a matter of just flicking a couple of switches, friends!


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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 3 Store content uninstalls/won't reinstall, EA App

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This was my first time buying from the store - kind of confusing to me but I got the things to show up in my game...which promptly started crashing/freezing. I ended up making a fresh folder and slowly adding back my mods (all nraas), while I looked for whatever the problem was. 
That took my several days, and now I'm ready to put the items I bought back into my game but they're just gone. Or I'm looking in the wrong place, maybe but I don't see them. When I tried to download them from my account into the fresh game folder, I get the dreaded "Installation Failed" message. 
I"m not sure this is the same problem as everyone else but the end result is the same - I can't get my items to reinstall. I thought I'd just be able to move them from my old game into the new folder but ?????

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 3 Store content uninstalls/won't reinstall, EA App

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@gwenleah OH, I"m able to re-install them from the site. I first tried from "my purchases" but discovered they download if I go to the item page and click the blue or green download button. They download then then the install works, I don't get the "failed" message.
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