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[CURRENT ISSUE] Incredibly Low FPS when connected to Internet

by Rujubee123

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Re: Sims 4 lagging when connected to internet

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This has been an on going issue since april (from my experience) the QA team are collecting data however they are still yet unable to recreate the issue. 

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Re: Game Running very laggy

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I am having the exact same issue as other users in this thread. The Sims 4 lags when it never used to in the past, and if I turn off my WiFi completely it solves the issue. Should I share save files too?

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Re: Game Running very laggy

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I just turned off my internet adapter mid play and watched my FPS go from 20 to 160 then turned the adapter back on and watched it go from 160 back down to 20 mid gameplay. This is definitely the problem.

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Re: Game Running very laggy

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EA Sims Team

Marked as Solution for Visibility. This is still an open issue.



@Zenguin15823 @Lightningstar01  @Dregnos 


Unfortunately the team has not been able to reproduce this yet.


Some questions:


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Re: Game Running very laggy

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Hi @SimQARobo 


I have Ethernet on my PC.

I have just the Resources file in my Mod Folder.

My cache folder is empty.

My tray folder has 5. Household bin, trayitem, 2 hhi files and an SGI file.

I am sending you a save file as well.


Thanks for looking into this! I've had this problem for over a month, mostly since the Freelancers patch.

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Re: Game Running very laggy

EA Sims Team



Thank you for the save file and information!

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Re: Game Running very laggy

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I'm using WiFi, not Ethernet.

I have only 1 file in my mods folder, Resource.cfg.

I have 0 files in my cache folder.

I have 0 files in my tray folder.


One of the things I tried when trying to fix my problem was clearing my cache, so that's probably why these folders are empty.


I'm going to try to send you my save files too.

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Re: Game Running very laggy

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@SimQARobo Just going to throw this out there since it seems you guys are at a loss and maybe some other people haven't reported this but my Origin reports a memory problem if its running while I shut down my computer for the night. 

"The instruction at 0x00000000007DD6B23 referenced memory at 0x000000000035D04B0 the memory could not be read"

I've tried reinstalling origin and the error didn't go away. It doesn't really cause any other problem that I noticed besides an extra step in shutting down my computer but maybe its another symptom.
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Re: sims 4 incredibly low fps

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Got a similar issue, ran smoothly until after the update. For me it gets low FPS seemingly at random and then it stops and runs smoothly for a while either randomly or after I click on something like the career menu, don't know what's causing it.

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[PC] Massive drop in FPS after installing Island Living - DxDiag.txt attached

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I have all expansions and packs and no mods.


I have a newer computer with Nvidia GeForce 960 video card. I've never had a problem with FPS with this game until installing Island Living. The game is now unplayable.


UPDATED: I added a new DxDiag.txt file after updating the NVidia card with no success.

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