[CURRENT ISSUE] Incredibly Low FPS when connected to Internet

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Re: sims 4 incredibly low fps

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Thank you for the video!  We'll look into it.

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Re: sims 4 incredibly low fps

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Unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce this issue yet. 


When your game is online and you see the low performance, do you have these settings enabled or disabled in Game Options > "Other" section:


  • Online Features Access
  • Online Notifications
  • Auto-Reconnect
  • Share Usage Data

Does performance improve if you change any of these settings?

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Re: sims 4 incredibly low fps

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Trying to turn off all the online features doesn't help unfortunately.
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Re: sims 4 incredibly low fps

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OK thank you for checking.  We'll keep looking into it.

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sims 4 works only wihout wifi

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Hi, my sims 4 was lagging really hard I tried everything! reinstalled and deleted all my mods ( i feel stupid for that). After a few days my wifi wasn't working on my pc and all of the sudden the sims 4 worked perfectly fine! So I tried it again without wifi and the only way it works without so much lag is if i turn wifi off what now?

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Re: sims 4 works only wihout wifi

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cough cough, most gamers that play will say we could told you that.
and you should never played with wifi, and you need to figureout 2 things does wifi work, reboot router reboot pc apox 2-3 minutes after.

wifi is great as solutions for remote access, but serious playing is not with wifi. ( if you did this in a team, prepare to be kickedout of them. ) this is pretty much standard for dedicate players, they dont waste time on ppl that use wifi )
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Re: sims 4 works only wihout wifi


Hi @Mehmetkirazoglu 


this is an issue that's currently looked into


Could you please provide the info asked by @SimQARobo 



Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: sims 4 works only wihout wifi

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Is this issue possibly related to other programs running in the background? Like, if you open your Task Manager, does anything have a noticeably high Memory or Network usage? Thanks!

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Game Running very laggy

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I recently installed The Sims 4 but the game is performing poorly (with all dlcs, and some mods). The game is running with a unbearable frame-rate. I've tried turning all settings to low, playing in windows mode, removing all my mods and cleaning all the caches files, etc. It still doesn't help at all, the game is still running very slow, so I look up my cpu and gpu usage while the game is running through task manager, and noticed that my cpu usage is only at 30-40% and my gpu usage is really low like 1% not sure what the issue is. So at this point I'm assuming it's the game itself, and not my hardware. Is there any fixes I can do to this?


My specs are:

Windows 10

Intel i7 -6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GDDR5 @ 6.0GB


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Re: Game Running very laggy

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Do you use Wifi?
Try disabling all the features related to the "Internet connection" in the game options
If this does not help you, turn off the internet and play without a connection.
Recently, there have been reports that if your computer is connecting to the internet when you play, it may cause a very low frame rate in the game. Unfortunately, the cause of this phenomenon has not yet been discovered.

Have a look here


If you could make dxDiag on your computer it can help to find another reason.

To gather a DxDiag on your computer, please follow the steps here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Sims-3/HOW-TO-DxDiag-for-Sims-3-PC-Only/td-p/1049584/
You can attach it to your post directly in option "Reply".

I don't work for EA

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