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[CC RELATED] Random Sims are shiny and have Texture Overlay

by ccerasus

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Re: NPC Skin is Plaid




merged your post with existing thread.


The scout uniform is not cc caused but all the others seem to be.


You can just try changing the settings for Sims Detail to check if that makes a difference.

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Re: NPC Skin is Plaid

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@crinrict : I literally just read your article about this on your blog. Large smile Didn't know that the scout uniform was affected, too!

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Re: why is my sim shining

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@MaddieJoyce12 wrote:

my sim is shining like she's covered with plastic or something I've deleted three mods and it still shows up. just wondering if anyone else has or had this problem and if I can fix it. it's kind of annoying but if there's no solution then I'll deal with it. it only happens to the teenage girls.06-21-19_10-21-56 AM.png06-21-19_8-52-13 AM.png  

I have the same problem too I don’t know what to do 

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Re: White rectangles on sims

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Mine to! Teenage and and both young and adult sims have it. But the guys don't. It's starting to frustrate me. I've reinstalled and updated all my cc and mods but oh no! Peek a boo! Its still there! is there a way to fix this? It's getting annoying to look at.

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Re: White rectangles on sims

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@Divinity_wingz Hi I have the same problem and I tried your advice. It didn't work! Does cc hair or clothes need to be removed? I saved and re entered my save but nothing happened! She still has the annoying white squares!
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Sims have weird white spots all over

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hey, idk why but only a few of my sims have white spots all over them mostly the male sims. It just recently started happening, anyone know what could be causing this?

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Re: Sims have weird white spots all over

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I also have a male Sim that looks like that. 


Make that two.

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Re: Sims have weird white spots all over

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Both of my sims have that too, I have no idea what’s causing it. I just took everything off my one sim. I’m going to try and redress her one by one to see what the real issue is 

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Re: Sims have weird white spots all over

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Turns out for my female sim, it was one of her accessories and for my make sim, it was a pair of his pants, all CC. 

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Re: Sims have weird white spots all over

@niruche @faktririjekt @dollasignbri 


Moved the thread to this one on the known issue in the bug forum. Please see Crin's accepted solution on page 1 and try changing your Sim view option.

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