CC Problems on transgender sims

by FannyDreadful

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CC Problems on transgender sims

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Hi everyone,


I have a problem with lots of my CCs, they're not working on transgender Sims.

For exemple : I play with a sim who is a woman with a male body type (i chose it in the gender options from the CAS), and lots of my CCs don't show up, even if I clear all the filters (feminine, masculine, type of clothes... etc.)

When I switch to a woman with a female body type, everything is working fine. It is really disappointing, as my sim's non binary gender was important in my story...


Does anyone have the same problem ? Is there a way to fix this ?


Thank you !

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Re: CC Problems on transgender sims


Hi  @FannyDreadful


is it cc that was created before the gender patch ?

I don't know a whole lot about this whole topic but maybe there's a batch fix in S4Studio for it ?

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Re: CC Problems on transgender sims

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I don't really know, when was the gender patch released ?

I am currently trying to fix the issue in S4S, it worked for some CCs when i de-checked "restrict for opposite frame" ! But some are still missing in the CAS. I also tried a gender batch fix but it didn't change anything. But it was a good idea, thank you ! 

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Re: CC Problems on transgender sims

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Edit :


I fixed it !!

I figured the CCs which weren't working were those where feminine wasn't checked in "Fashion choice" (In S4S)

So, to everyone having CC problems with transgender sims :

Download Sims 4 Studio, do a batch fix (Content management > Batches Fixes > CAS > Update CCs for all genders), and replace your old CCs in your Mod folder with the fixed ones. 

Then clic "My CC", and disable "restrict opposite frame" + select a fashion choice for every single file, don't forget to apply changes to every shades of the CC ans save the file. This is what I did, and now everything works fine ! Standard smile



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