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[CC/MOD RELATED] Error Code 102:c4caa9ed

by iiBrokenFrames

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error code 102:c4caa9ed:c9b000e9

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I was loading one of my households when this error code 102:c4caa9ed:c9b000e9 shows up. Tried exiting and reloading the game but it doesn't seem to work. What should I do in this case? Please help I don't wanna abandon this household 

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Re: error code 102:c4caa9ed:c9b000e9

@tracelol  First thing to check are your mods. Error 102 is usually mod related.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.

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Re: error code 102:c4caa9ed:c9b000e9

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Hey there, 

I had the same issue. The list I did to improve and fix the error:


1) check all mods and remove old stuff

2) load a new save game

3) load an old game save without cc

4) load a new game without cc

5) loaded step 4+5 with the checked cc

6) loaded older game with the current unchecked cc


Now im a bit done with all of that. The error occurred yesterday evening approximately 1 hour after purchasing and downloading the expansion "get together". I heard of that lin-z bug today, but I checked every lot, my Sims were traveling to. And there was no lin-z system in any lot or household and there is no sim in a realation with it. On the actual lot/household is everything fine. The error just occures when they want to travel. This happens with any Sim, wich wants to travel. Eve with a new created one.


I hope you guys may can help me  thanks in advance for your advices and tips!


And have a merry Christmas! 🎅

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Re: error code 102:c4caa9ed:c9b000e9

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So after checking every single mod data, i think i got the ones, wich caused the error. Here two links to them:


- ModTheSims: Animal Care Career (TS1 to TS4)

- ModTheSims: Therapist Career


I can´t confirm that right now, but at this point my gameplay is stable and the saves currently work. Let´s hope the best for that. Maybe i could help the thrad creator with my notes.Wondering



EDIT (crin): Removed mod links. Linking mods is not allowed at AHQ. Please only name them.

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Sims 4 wont work - Error Code 102:c4caa9ed

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Hello guys,

I was playing and dunno how, but "Error Code 102...etc.." happened.
I can play with the other household and as it seems everything works,
but I can't play with my main household because error code etc shows up

I restarted, repaired it over origin...but still the same

can someone help me please? :/

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Re: Sims 4 wont work - Error Code 102:c4caa9ed

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It looks that you have exactly the same issue caused by holidays
It could have been worse - such as the Windows system error. Fortunately for you, this particular error is easy to fix Standard smile

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Re: Game failed to load. Error code 102:c4caa9ed:eeb17472

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ok for everybody, you need to end the holiday of the day without the mods and after that you can put back your mods and it will be good, it works for me

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Re: Game failed to load. Error code 102:c4caa9ed:eeb17472

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how u suppose to figure out which cc are broken and * if u have over 1500 mods... lol 

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Re: Game failed to load. Error code 102:c4caa9ed:eeb17472


Hi @Mommax8810 


Use the 50/50 method:


It's a fairly fast method. Start with mods only and then work you way up.



Error 102 is most often an outdated version of MCCC. 

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: Game failed to load. Error code 102:c4caa9ed:eeb17472

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Want to chime in here - in my experience, this is not a mod/cc issue. I removed all mods and cc, cleared cache, repaired, etc. and the problem remained for me.


Meanwhile, the Halloween holiday event had been scheduled for the following sim-day in the save file in question. The holiday had not actually started, but I had received the little pop up from the sim’s calendar that “Halloween is tomorrow”. So I recovered a save file from a few hours (my time) earlier, which took my game back a few sim-days. This save file loaded without errors. 


Interestingly enough, this recovered save file that loaded fine was saved during the Prank Day holiday (2 sim-hours into the holiday itself). Perhaps the issue occurs when you save during the time between the little calendar notification of “[holiday] is tomorrow” and the start of the holiday itself? 


Anyways, will try to get my game back to the point of the problem save, and will save again once it moves through the Halloween holiday. Then will try to load it and see how it goes. Will update then if I’ve found anything relevant. 

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