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Buying Sims 4 in US dollars.

by Music-Equal-Life

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Buying Sims 4 in US dollars.

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I am trying to buy The Sims 4 as cheapest price and I am an American Citizin in the UK. I want to buy the Sims 4 but I dont want to pay pounds for it. I can't seem to get the USA region. Will I just have to pay Pounds or is there a way i can choose my country so I don't have to pay in pounds?

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Re: Buying Sims 4 in US dollars.

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I am not quite sure.


I believe the only option is to buy in the British currency.


EDIT: I may be wrong though...

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Re: Buying Sims 4 in US dollars.

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I believe that Origin is localised, which means in order to play the game in the UK, you would need to buy the UK 'version' of the game (or from the UK Origin store). I understand that the US 'version' is slightly cheaper, but you're only paying ~£3 / ~$5 more.


I hope this helps and keep simming,


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Re: Buying Sims 4 in US dollars.

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Try this link:

I don't know if it works, try opening your origin app from your computer and changing the region/country to your own.

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