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Re: [Build mode] Wall won't appear

by puzzlezaddict

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[Build mode] Wall won't appear

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Hi everyone,


I'm having an issue with building. I started building my own house for the first time, it started off great. But then, out of nowhere, when I want to place a wall it just doesn't appear. The value does keep going up when I try to place a wall. I already saved the game and restarted the game, with no luck. It stays blank, my walls didn't appear either. I am allowed to put down furniture. A pool doesn't work either.


I know that not a lot of people are still playing the Sims, but is there anyone who knows how to fix this? It is really annoying. 



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Re: [Build mode] Wall won't appear

@jamilladoei  Some of us still play... or at least claim to still play, even if we never seem to find the time these days.  Anyway.


Start by deleting the five cache files in your TS3 game folder in Documents.  They should be deleted regularly anyway, and every time you quit the game while troubleshooting.  For reference, they are:

  • CASPartCache.package
  • compositorCache.package
  • scriptCache.package
  • simCompositorCache.package
  • socialCache.package

If this alone doesn't help, you can quit without saving and delete the cache files again, then go back to the house and place a few objects.  (Try creating a fence, just to see if it works, but if not, any Build item should do fine.)  Even if some of the objects don't show up, that's okay—the point is to have the game register that there's something on the lot.  Go back to Edit Town, click the bulldozer icon on the left side of the user interface, and bulldoze the lot.  Use "save as" to rename the save (so you get a new save file), quit (without saving, as a separate step), delete the cache files again, and go back and see if you can now build properly.


If that whole process doesn't help either, please start a new save in a different world and try building there.  This is just for testing; no need to save your progress.  If it works, start a new save in the same world you've been playing in, and try to build on the same lot as before.  Let me know how it goes, and also which worlds you used to test, as well as whether you use any mods or custom content.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: [Build mode] Wall won't appear

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The wall problem is fixed, but the fence problem is still there. 
At first I closed the game and deleted the cache files, that didn't work. I turned off my pc and turned it back on a bit later, I deleted the cache files again and it was fixed. 

I don't know if it's possible to fix the fence because it's looking kinda weird. 

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Re: [Build mode] Wall won't appear

@jamilladoei  How does the fence look weird?  Can you post a screenshot?  (You can attach it directly to a reply.)  You could still try bulldozing the lot, as described before, to see whether it makes a difference.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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