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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

by lauravonawesome

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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It keeps fluxuating for me. I'm getting random streaks of a lot of failed videos and a lot of working ones in a row from time to time when I come back. The only new thing I can think of to mention since my last post is this one ad for the university of georgia. It plays correctly, but when it gets to the end it never "finishes" to get past the final screen and never rewards simpoints.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Hi @EA_Mai ~ just a quick heads-up: while I did get my SP and all of the ads I watched last night both played and paid out normally, the ones I watched just now did not. They played to completion and I got the "Thanks For Watching' button, but no SP.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those points will show up eventually. Would appreciate it if this could be permanently fixed though~ thank you!



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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Okay, now absolutely none of your ads are working again. One way or another, they're all broken. The stupid Cadillac one is back that never finishes, while other ads finish and act like they're rewarding points but don't. One for a Lincoln and another for a university. Several just say "sorry no ad". One about T-Mobile is broken too. So is one for a Toyota Camry. Everything is broken.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Hi @EA_Mai ~ it appears that this is still an issue; other than the one day during which all of my ads paid out as normal, I have not received SP for anything I've watched since. I hope you'll keep us apprised of the situation and let us know when it's fixed (or what's being done to fix it).

thank you!



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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Hi @EA_Mai, I am also still having the same problem. A couple ads worked that first night then they went back to not paying simpoints. I did a few screen shots so you could see a few of them along with a list of ads that play all the way through, but do not pay any simpoints.


List of some of the Ads that play all the way through but do not pay simpoints:

Daewoo Cars  /  Lincoln MKC  /  Edelbrock Pro Flow  /  AutoMeter Garage  /  Always Discreet at Walmart com  /  Olay Eyes  /  St. Barth Essentials



There are three messages that come up alot instead of a video and do not pay any simpoints either:

"Sorry No Ad Available"   /   "No Survey Available"   /   "We are really sorry this offer is not available"



This screen shot is interesting. It comes up right AFTER you watch a video. With what the message says, it is acting like you never watched the video and it is still trying to load, even though the video was watched all the way through to the end



 photo D- Thnks for Patience While Video Loads_zpsfjoady4j.jpg




And This video not only does not pay any simpoints - but -  It is 8 minutes and 33 seconds long  - that is a long time to watch and not get any simpoints.



 photo 4166026c-99fc-441a-a42c-d2ff7371048c_zps4mr68ney.jpg photo ac5203e2-15b0-4b70-9a9b-79d709336799_zpsqmyxv1pp.jpg




I hope some of this information helps

I am so glad to see you here helping people out!! Very much appreciated!!!!


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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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I am not getting any ads at all now; I see maybe one or 2 a day now and, if I hit play, I get a message stating that "we are really sorry, this video is no longer available".


Please let us know what's going on. Any kind of update would be appreciated, since most of my forum friends have gotten their ads fixed and I'm the only one not getting any SP.


If that's someone's idea of a fix, I am very disappointed.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


I have been forwarding your information to the team, thanks for keeping us updated with the changes you notice (and thank you for that detailed post @Catlee2)! I have no news for you at the moment, that's why I have not posted before.


From what I understand, most of you are now getting SimPoints for some of the adds, right?


@lauravonawesome, in your case, do you know if your forum friends live in your same country?


Thanks for your patience Standard smile


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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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to answer your question on your last post. Today some (a few) of them started paying simpoints. So its hit and miss. It is also different Ads that are showing up today that have not played before and the new Ads seem to be paying simpoints.


Thank you again for your time and help!!!

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Thank you Catlee for your very detailed post. This is EXACTLY, in every way shape and form, what I am currently dealing with.


Some ads play and finish, and ACT like they're rewarding points, but don't. Others don't even play at all.


A couple of days ago, there was a brief period of time where some new ads showed up that actually did work and DID reward simpoints. That lasted for like a couple of hours, then went away. Now nothing is working.

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Re: Broken Simpoint Ads Play But Don't Pay

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Hi @EA_Mai & thanks for replying!

To answer your question, a handful of my forum friends are in the same country as me, though many of them are elsewhere too. As of now, ads are up and running for me again, so I hope it stays that way; I'll let you know if anything happens that indicates otherwise.

Thanks again for looking into this, and I (and I'm sure many others as well) appreciate your help. Standard smile

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