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Re: Broken Disk and Lost Account

by goddessazuraa

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Broken Disk and Lost Account

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When I was younger I bought the Sims 3 and a couple packs, but since i didn't have an account, we registred the games in my sister's account.


I could still play just fine since i had the disks, so it wasn't a problem but now i wanted to play again, but have trouble installing and i'm pretty sure the problem is the disks.


After searching a bit, i saw that i could install the games through origin, but I can't registrer the games cause the Codes have already been used.


Is there any way to get it to work, or would i have to buy it all again??

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Re: Broken Disk and Lost Account

@inesisabel11  Unfortunately, there's no way for you to transfer your game from your sister's account to yours.  And the codes can't be used a second time, either.  So unless your sister wants to give her account to you, then yes, you'll need to buy the game again.


You don't need to pay full price though, if you're willing to be patient.  Origin sometimes has sales of the Sims 3 Starter Pack (the base game, Late Night, and High-End Loft Stuff) and EPs, which are usually $10 each instead of $20.  (I'm not sure what prices look like in other countries.)  Steam also offers Sims 3 and has occasional sales where the base game and all packs are $5 each.  (There are also usually a couple of bundles that are discounted even further.)  You could play through Steam, or you could register the codes that come with the packs and play through Origin.  If you put the game on your wishlist, I believe Steam will email you when there's a sale, although I'm not sure whether that works with Origin.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Broken Disk and Lost Account

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Sorry to inform you, the only way to recover the game would be by purchasing another copy either physical or on Origin.

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