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Baby taken while visiting lot?

by emilygabrielle95

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Baby taken while visiting lot?

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Long story short, I made a family and played with them for a while (the Harrison fam). Then I made a new family and the daughter was visiting the Harrison daughters, and I got a notification that the baby in the home was very hungry. The Harrison mom would interact with the baby, but it took her a ridiculous amount of time to change the baby's diaper and then the baby got taken for being hungry. Like, the mom just never fed her even though she was cooing at her and whatever else. Is this a bug, something I can fix, etc? Has it happened to anyone else? I switched to the Harrison family after that but they didn't seem the slightest bit upset. 

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Dot.: Baby taken while visiting lot?

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Sims who are not active for you, unfortunately, will not act rationally. Instead of feeding baby, they will only cuddle them.
Probably the child would not be taken away if you didn't visit this family with your sim. In this situation, you must immediately switch to this other family or leave their home immediately. When your active sim isn't in this home, the game will take care of the baby. Once taken a baby cannot be recovered.
I don't work for EA
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