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Amazon Sims3 Games not converting to EA

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Back in 2013 I bought a bunch of expansion packs for the Sims 3 off Amazon. They transferred over to my Origin just fine and I was always able to play them without issue. Now that we were forced to make the switch to EA gaming platform, I noticed those games were missing and when I tried to redeem again, the site said they were already redeemed and couldn't be used again. So the question, how do I get them to reflect on EA now so that I don't have to purchase them again?

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Re: Amazon Sims3 Games not converting to EA

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@squirrellkp  In the EA app click the game in the left side. Scrolldown below play and see if your missing packs say you'own this add-on. If it says you own it you may have to install it. Next to the play button click manage. Then click manage add-ons. See if your missing packs are there. If the missing packs are not there you will have to contact an EA game consultant to help you with this issue.

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Re: Amazon Sims3 Games not converting to EA

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Hey there @squirrellkp,


Codes can only be redeemed to one account, so if these expansions aren't showing in the EA app after you've moved over from Origin, it sounds like you're most likely logging into the EA app with a different EA account than the one you had originally redeemed your codes to. You'd need to log back into the same account the codes are registered to, and you'll see your content available to install and play in your game library.


If you need further help locating those original account details, you can contact live support and have them search for your codes to locate which account they're currently tied with. You can reach out to live support for more assistance on this by submitting a help request here


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