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Affordable laptop for Sims 4

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Hi, I’ve got a old laptop that currently had my Origin account on there with my Sims 4 game & and all it’s expansion packs. Unfortunately the laptop is too slow so therefor no longer can use it to play the games. 
I was just wondering if anybody knew of any affordable laptops that could run the Sims 4 & and the expansion packs well/smoothly etc?

Also, if I did get a new laptop.. to access my Sims games, would I just need to download the Origin app onto the laptop & log in etc and all my games will be on there? So I won’t need to buy them all again?!

Also looking for the affordable laptop to be available in the UK!

thank you!

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Re: Affordable laptop for Sims 4

@SebDadamo  What does "affordable" mean to you?  As an example, £400 would get you a laptop with hardware that should be able to run all Sims 4 packs together on medium-high or high graphics settings:


I'd prefer the Acer because it has twice the storage, but it's not strictly necessary, just nice to have.  A little more money would get you a small upgrade, but the next large leap in performance wouldn't come until you were looking at gaming laptops.  Those generally start around £700 but can drop into the £650 range with sales.


Below the £400 mark, you're looking at low graphics settings, at least in new laptops.  If you'd like to keep the price lower but are willing to consider a used laptop, that's also a reasonable choice, but used laptops from reputable sites are usually only about £50 cheaper than the new versions.


In any case, let me know your budget and any other details that matter to you, for example screen size, and I'll do a more thorough search.


As for your Sims 4 content, yes, you'll be able to download your owned content on your new computer for free.  You'll need to manually transfer your saves and any other user content (in-game Library items, mods and custom content, screenshots), so don't get rid of your old laptop yet.  But that's simple enough to do.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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