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Adding all Occult types to CAS

by Dukemon11

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Adding all Occult types to CAS

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When you are working on The Sims 3 again (hashtag 64-bit for The Sims 3 MAC) than you could do a little bit more.

Besides releasing a full 64bit version for Windows, too. o.Ó


Well, very kind of you it would be, if you could add each Occult Type to the Supernatural Menu in CAS. Like you did with Genies. SimBots, PlantSims, PlumBots, Mermaids, Mummys and so on. You said "Play with everything" than give us everything! :D

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Betreff: Adding all Occult types to CAS

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There's no chance without a mod/hack add one of every type of occults in CAS...

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