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Re: 4 techs issue not resolved

by roberta591

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4 techs issue not resolved

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I'm a big time Sims 3 game player.  I recently had to speak with a tech for help because my game froze up. That was 3 days ago, still frozen after

4 techs! Last tech asked me to copy paste and attach files which I don't know how to do!  I was so damn frustrated and just shut down PC..


I spent a lot of money on these games and I'm furious with EA.. These techs don't know what their doing!  My advice to myself and to you as well,

Don't Buy EA games, there's too many glitches and as said these techs are not techs. They have no idea what their doing!  I am uninstalling all of my EA

games and never buying from them again... It's ashame!  It's a scandal as well.... BEWARE OF EA GAMES...  All of my friends will be informed as well.


Thanks for nothing EA

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Re: 4 techs issue not resolved

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Hello @Tiger07046,


Please try repairing the game by right clicking on it in origin and pressing "repair game". When its finished, try launching it again. Can you please provide a dxdiag so i can take a closer look into your problem?



If you need further assistance, please feel free to ask inhere.




(I do NOT work for EA)

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Re: 4 techs issue not resolved

@Tiger07046   The Sims 3 pushed the sims franchise into the 3D gaming realm. Being a 3D game your computer has to have minimum requirements to run the game. Most gamers have elementary knowledge of the operating system. Ctrl c is a keyboard shortcut for copy - ctrl v is a keyboard shortcut for paste and you use the paperclip to attach files to a post. These are very basic commands used in emails and messaging. Highlight the text - ctrl c (copy), move cursor to where you want it and hit ctrl v and that should paste whatever you last copied into the the buffer. To attach a files just click the paper clip - choose the file and click attach. Anyone reading the post can click the attachment and read what you attached. This is an over simplification but is the basics on how it works. I urge all users to know as much as they can about the operating system they use. Operating systems used to handle basic functions of a computer but the operating system has become an operating environment the handles many functions making the computer easier to use. This requires the user to have some knowledge of the operating system besides how to turn on and off the computer. If you have a powerful gaming computer and the game doesn't run properly you need to have enough knowledge to pass on proper data your the computer so long distance tech support can be of some use. That's like calling your mechanic and saying your car does not run. What make and model is your car? What happens when you try to start the car? If you can't describe what is happening you might as well call AAA and have the car towed to the mechanic. Computers come in many different shapes and models and each might have a reason to not properly run the software. These forums are users helping users and we need some basic information to help you. I too am a big time Sims player (ever since Sim City). And over the years I'll bet I have spent a lot more money on computer games then you have. The Sims 3 runs with recommended hardware. I'm not trying to be mean - just sit back, take a deep breath and help us to help you. My pappy used to say the road to your destination may have detours.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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Re: 4 techs issue not resolved

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I'm using win 10 cpu 3.7ghtz 1TB hard drive 6 gig of memory, Iv'e been playing this game for over a yr.

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Re: 4 techs issue not resolved

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@Tiger07046 First do you have any cc (custom content) or mods installed? Really need a more complete picture of your computer and that can be done by supplying your computer's dxdiag. Here is a link on how to get the dxdiag - how to get your computer's dxdiag   While this does not supply all technical information it is usually enough to get started. Type dxdiag in the Cortana search bar lower left. This should find the command dxdiag - click return (enter). When dxdiag loads click save all information - this should save a file on your desktop named DxDiag. Open a post reply in the forums (in this post) and click Browse below the text box. This should display all the files on your desktop - click the file DxDiag - click open. Now click the paperclip below the text box and this should attach the file DxDiag to the post. Please post the make and model of your computer as many times this information is not in the dxdiag. Thank you for posting the game worked at one time as this indicates the game played and should play.  Thank you


btw if you want to alert someone in a post just use the @ and the name of the user - this is called tagging. As we are users like yourself we may not be able to answer right away. These forums are not like tech support where we have set hours and if we are on the go it may be some time before we answer.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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