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2 options missing from base game

by eminemG

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2 options missing from base game

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I've been playing sims for about 8 or 9 years and have never posted on the forum before, so I apologize if I'm doing this incorrectly, but I contacted EA Help and was told to come here. Basically, I'm missing two options in my base game. One of them is the option to purchase medicine from the computer. The other is the option to water plants (only disappears once a sim reaches gardening level two). I've updated and repaired my game multiple times, cleared out my mods folder, etc. Nothing is working ):

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Re: 2 options missing from base game

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Re: 2 options missing from base game

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OK: so i did the factory reset and started adding my folders back one by one, starting with my saves to "find the culprit." The thing is saves folder is the culprit. what am i supposed to do about that?! ): Do you think taking out every save one at a time would work?

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Re: 2 options missing from base game

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Only move a few back at a time while testing until you have found the offender. It is probably just one that is the cause.

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Re: 2 options missing from base game

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Hi @eminemG


the plants don't need watering as often anymore ? Do you have Seasons. If so, rain will water them so maybe they just don't need watering ?


There was also a bug with them but those are fixed since the latest patch: .. is your game all updated ? If so and you're still having issues, please provide your save game as per instructions of SimQARobo on the last page of that thread.


As for the medicine: That's not base game, you'll need get to work for that. Is that still properly installed ?


There was also a bug fix for this in the GF patch


  • Sims can now order Medicine or Voodoo Dolls on computers that exist on lots other than their own home lot.

So, make sure your game is updated all the way

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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