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will sims 4 work on my macbook :)

by nbgem

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will sims 4 work on my macbook :)

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okay probably this has been asked like a bajillion times before but all i've seen is "it SHOULD work, on the lowest graphics settings" which makes me Frown

just wondering what is like the maximum settings i could do before my laptop explodes and the screen comes off and everything melts lmao


specs of me macbook pro (retina? if that makes a difference) are:
os x el capitan (10.11.2)
2.7 GHz intel core i5
16gb DDR3 ram

intel iris graphics 6100 1536 MB


had trouble w/ sims 3 ...... bcos my graphics card isn't supported lol so im hoping sims 4 will work at least somewhat nicely (sims 3 ran for like, 45 minutes at like medium high graphics settings before cas started bugging out n then ended up crashin but eh)


anyway thanks O: !!!

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Re: will sims 4 work on my macbook :)



Yes, it should work but how you use and what you have installed on your Mac, the condition it is in etc. is unique to you, hence why no one can tell you 100% that it will work. Your Mac has integrated graphics which aren't ideal for gaming so playing on max. settings probably won't be possible for any length of time, if at all. Low to medium would be ideal.

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