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why does my game do this??

by giannak705

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why does my game do this??

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Soo in my game when i play my fan gets extremely loud, the bottom gets VERY hot, and my game gets SOOOOOOOOOO SLOW! I do have cc and mods but it only effects gameplay not CAS!?! HELP!

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Re: why does my game do this??


@giannak705 , sounds like you may not have enough RAM to run the game. Can you please post your specs so we can help you further? The link below show you how to find your Mac's specs.

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Re: why does my game do this??


Elevate your Mac so air can circulate underneath by either getting a cooling mat of some sort or simply sitting it on the edge of a couple of DVD cases.

Maybe you have your settings too high and your Mac is struggling to run the game?

Do you have high poly CC/a ton of CC which is crippling the game?

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