the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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I‘m having the same problem, with the rainbow loading circle, where the game freezes every 30 seconds or so and I can’t do anything except move my mouse - not even adjust my volume or force quit. The game resumes after about 30 seconds to a minute. The game runs pretty smoothly except for this issue, which is sad because this issue makes the game almost unplayable. But other than that, everything’s pretty smooth! Still waiting on two new expansions I bought to get the entitlement, but I bought them like the day before release last week. Also, the exchange isn’t working for me :/ but those aside, I‘m most concerned about the game itself running. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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It's unplayable for me...freezes every 15 or so seconds. Can hardly get any gameplay in. I was so excited for this release, and i'm a bit bummed. Hopefully a solution/ fix is on the way!

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Hi folks, 


Thanks for sharing your reports with us. We're locking this thread to limit the meshing of different reports in one space. Where possible it'd be best to join and add to the relevant open 64-bit thread that matches what you're experiencing. Standard smile Please take a look at the list below and head on over to the thread that's relevant to you:


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If the issue you're experiencing isn't listed there, please open a new thread to get the balling rolling on that. In the meantime, we'll aim to continue the work of moving what posts we can since the announcement of the fix rollout over to the relevant threads to help keep information together and better track reports.

Remember to keep an eye on the Sims 3 64-bit guide and FAQ as it shares updated advice on most of these issues. 





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