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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Yes, @EA_Leeloo Thank you very much!


I am still wondering why not all my expansions are showing there?


I have a secondary account which I own same content (all packs and expansions) and it's showing all the 11 expansions right now while my main account still shows 6.


I hope everything will be all right sooner than later. 


I am super excited, I can't wait to see them all and finally play The Sims 3. 



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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Yeah, last I checked, the only expansion I'm missing is Accés VIP and all the stuff kits.

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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EA Staff

Edit:  The release date has been confirmed as October 28; please see this post for more information:

Hi Simmers!


Let's start with: Have you backed up your TS3 saves? 'Cause that's NEVER a bad idea.


You can see by scrolling back that there's been some excitement and developments over the last few days.



  • Many of you are seeing a new TS3 and associated DLC show up in your Origin client yet there's nothing to download. This is expected! Sort of. More detail below.
  • Traditionally updating a publishing catalog is among the last steps you take in the process of publishing software (or any other content). More below.
  • A FAQ has been posted (thanks @EA_Leeloo) that hopefully addresses many of the questions you've had about this release. It includes the minimum system requirements.
  • Really, this release is targeted at macOS. There is not a secret Windows update hidden in it. We have nothing to announce about a Windows roadmap.

A more in-depth version:


Wow! So much excitement about that Origin catalog update! YOUR excitement is making all of us really giddy too! I can't wait to get this update out to you macOS players so that you can have that awesome The Sims 3 experience on your up-to-date modern hardware running Catalina! But also - Ooops! Sorry for the confusion that the update in Origin has created. That wasn't our intent. It's as though you've sneaked downstairs on late on Dec 22 and seen us setting up the Festivus pole - "Ha ha. Surprise?" Still, that doesn't make the magic any less special; just less magical. What you're all seeing is the process of granting an Origin entitlement for this The Sims 3 release (and the packs and DLC) to all The Sims 3 owners. It's a process that is happening over many days (hence some of you seeing some packs but missing others, only to have the others appear a day or two later).


Why is this happening now? Why not six months ago, or next week, or some other time? Because updating catalog/publishing databases is one of the final stages in releasing things! It's what happens when you finally know how many parts there are, how big they are, when they will be available, etc. It wouldn't do anyone any good to update a catalog database months before the update is needed (what if everything changes?), and you don't want to leave it to the last possible minute either (What if something goes wrong and you need time to fix it?). So generally this step happens shortly before a release and, through the magic of not accidentally doing it in a way that your players can see, it's an invisible process. This time that under-the-hood stuff isn't invisible. Sorry about that. Sure is exciting though!


We've published a FAQ for this The Sims 3 update a little early to help answer questions you might have about what's coming up. I'm positive we overlooked something obvious (see above for some general discussion of changing time frames). Feel free to ask questions here and, if I can, I'll answer them for you. There's two questions I can't, and won't, answer.


The first question I can't answer is "but WHEN can I download it?" Please know that we're getting it out as fast as we can and that the Origin changes you're seeing are indicative that we're pretty close. Stay vigilant. I also know a lot of you are wondering if this release will also include a 64-bit update for Windows players. No, it won't. And that's the other question I can't and won't answer: "When, or will, there be a Windows 64-bit update?" We can't comment on rumors and speculation nor can we comment on unannounced roadmaps that may or may not exist. If there was more I could tell you about this - I would.


Thanks for your patience everyone! We're almost there. Stay safe!

I am an employee of EA.

Please do not send me private messages unless I ask you to. I promise that you will get help faster in the public forum. Thank you.
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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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@MaxisJoeThank you very much for keeping us informed, the best news in 2020.

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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@MaxisJoe Thank you for the additional info!
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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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So wait, I am confused. If our mac has this  thing called Apple ARM CPU architecture, does this mean we cannot play the game? This would be devastating for anyone who brought a new mac in the past couple months. If anyone knows, please answer. Does it mean we cannot play or it may be glitchy? I hope it's the latter. if not, this means all the waiting was for nothing for me....

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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@elleskyheart the new Apple ARM CPU architecture was not released yet.
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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Sooo I really don’t want to sound impatient because I understand that it’s a long process but seing everything that happened with Origin in the last few days really got me excited and I’m wondering if we are talking about days, weeks, months?  I feel exactly how I felt a decade ago when I was a child and new expansion packs were being announced haha

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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Sorry, Is everyone supposed to have the new game in origin by now? I'm still waiting for mine and getting nervous!

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

@champion_hustler  Nope, the game and packs are still rolling out in batches.  Don't worry about it.  If the existing version of Sims 3 is in your Origin game library, you should get the new one soon enough, certainly before the 64-bit version is released.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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