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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

by MaxisJoe

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Re: when will sims 3 Mac be released

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Getting very frustrated. I have Catalina and cannot play either 3 or 4. Not sure what's going on but its just not right. When I do what it says for 4 it tells me I can't save in folder because its read only?

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Re: when will sims 3 Mac be released

@Catalina26  For the Sims 4 error, please post in the Sims 4 Mac section.  It would be helpful to post a screenshot of the error, and also to list the full specs of your Mac, as described here:


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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64-Bit Sims 3

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When will 64-Bit & Metal Edition for Sims 3 be available??????? I thought it was supposed to be out early 2020, and now its the end of June!! I just bought the Sims 3 again for my new MacBook (as I used to use a family member's computer & origin acct to play) only to find out I can't even install it after just barely buying it!!!!! 

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

★ Guide

@MaxisJoe wrote:

Yes, we're still working on it even though we're working from our various homes.

Just reminding everyone that the main reason for the delay is the COVID-19, but that it's still being worked on.

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Re: the sims 3 (64-bit & metal) release

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EA Staff

Hey macOS The Sims 3 players!


Just popping in to give my monthly update to you. First is the tl;dr version:


  1. Yes, we're still working on it
  2. Yes, we're adapting to work-from-home. I can't say that this is a core factor in things not going as fast as we'd like, but it sure isn't helping.
  3. Yep, that switch to ARM processors is exciting. Like all macOS developers, we're frantically assessing what this means to us and our games.

The longer version of things:


I'm sure most of you have heard of the 80/20 rule. That's the old developer's truism/joke that 80% of the development happens in the first 20% of the budgeted schedule, and then the remaining 20% of work fills up that other 80% of the budgeted schedule. It's a cheeky way of noting that the big low hanging changes happen quickly but then fiddly detail oriented stuff end up taking really big blocks of time. Guess which part of the schedule we're in. Go ahead. Guess.


Part of the challenge is that some components The Sims 3 depends on were deprecated ("are no longer supported and won't be updated to address compatibility, security, or stability issues") in the intervening decade or so since the game was released. It's been a challenge identifying these components and re-writing the integration points to work with the replacement components. Anyone who says "I migrated from Foobar 5.7.12 to Barfaz 7.12.58 and it only took a day" is not being entirely truthful.


As noted above, these are historical times. We're adapting to doing work in the midst of a global pandemic and a societal reckoning. We're learning new skills and new attitudes across the team and across the company.


No conclusions have been reached about the ARM/x86 transition. WWDC is still happening right now! Give us a chance to digest it all. We're looking at the options available to figure out the best path forward.


Exciting times.


Keep the faith, friends. Stay safe.

I am an employee of EA.

Please do not send me private messages unless I ask you to. I promise that you will get help faster in the public forum. Thank you.
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Re: Can't run The Sims 3 on macOS Catalina

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It's past the time they said it would be out. When are they gonna get it together?

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Re: Can't run The Sims 3 on macOS Catalina

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They are still working on it and are giving us monthly updates. No one expected COVID to happen and the fact that they care enough to keep working on it at home when they could be working on something else shows their dedication. It has nothing to do with getting it together because they technically don't even need to do this, they are doing it because they know that plenty of Mac users love the game. I know that a lot of people have been saying this but we need to just stay patient and let this amazing team to continue doing what they are doing, because updating a game that old is bound to take time.

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Re: Can't run The Sims 3 on macOS Catalina

@Catalina26, yes, they said that it would be out in early 2020. However, you're forgetting two important things:


  1. They made that guesstimate BEFORE COVID-19 was even a thing.
  2. It's EA. They've made optimistic release date promises before and failed to hit the target.

Now, I'm actually much more satisfied with @MaxisJoe's monthly update for this month than the ones in previous months as it gives us more insight into the why. I mean, as a developer, I was thinking that all these things could be the case but was just speculating.


I think they're actually doing pretty well, all things considered. It's still being worked on in spite of a global pandemic. Keep in mind too that this is an eleven year old game and the last piece of DLC came out almost 7 years ago. The fact that we're getting an update at all is amazing. And I'm also not surprised that a lot of conventions, libraries, etc. have changed in the past seven years. Hell, there was a time when a major MacOS update would break Photoshop. Hell, versions of Photoshop pre-Creative Cloud aren't even working in Catalina and Adobe's solution to this is to recommend people finally give in and get a subscription to the Creative Cloud. EA isn't doing that here. We're getting a free update to game plenty of us probably bought aeons ago.


I love to give EA hell. But this time, they're doing something right. Suck it up.

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Re: Can't run The Sims 3 on macOS Catalina

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Compare this to Obsidian Entertainment and Neverwinter Nights 2.


Yes, I know I've brought this game up a few times in this thread but it bears repeating.


Let me just say: their Mac implementation was hot garbage. Certainly not one of Aspyr's best works. You could only play the Original Campaign (none of the expansion packs, which is a shame since Mask of the Betrayer was better than the Original Campaign), and any attempt to add in the DLC required some special jiggery pokery in order to make it work. Honestly, you're better off buying a copy off of and installing it via Porting Kit.


My point? They could have just said nothing. Let us twist in the wind like Obsidian did with the NWN2 players. But they didn't. They're actually upgrading their game. As someone who loves old games, I am quite happy that they're doing this.


Though, there is the possibility this can NOT be the last update. You want to know why I say that? The convergence of Mac and iOS. With all the DLC and microtransactions and an easier path to making it native for iOS (or at least, iPadOS?)... There's coffee in that nebula, I mean, There's gold in them thar hills.

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Re: Can't run The Sims 3 on macOS Catalina

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I agree. And they don’t have to update their games this long after the initial release. Its a choice they’ve made. Just be grateful. Remember the first sims game? It wasn’t supported that long. But If I want to play it. I get my old laptop for all the old games. If u upgrade a system/laptop/pc etc to a newer version its your choice. 

What I mean to say is. Have a little patience. They are working on it. And don’t give them such a hard time on a little delay.. 

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