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sims 4 wont start up

by memezwaffles

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sims 4 wont start up

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So i had downloaded the sims 4 on my computer for the first time and i waited a long time to so it could finish, almost 2 hours. So when it did and i tried to open it it said "code execution could no proceed. try redownloading to fix this problem" and i did and waited another 2 hours and it said that again. So i cleared a lot of space on my computer and it still wouldnt work. what do i do?? 

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Re: sims 4 wont start up

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To help you, could I know what update is your computer on (MacOS Catalina etc.)?

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Re: sims 4 wont start up


Where from and how are you downloading the game? Could you post a screenshot of the error message please.

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