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shiny pets in relation to accessories on Mac

by badcattitudee

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shiny pets in relation to accessories on Mac

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I searched the answers HQ for this and it would seem that the last topic on this was marked as 'solved'. unfortunately for me it is not sadly.


I have not encountered this issue until today when I installed spa day (it would seem) as the issue happened right after that.


my pets look like they have rolled in oil as they're extremely shiny! it happens in CAS and live mode, but only when they have accessories on.


I am playing on a 2014 Macbook Pro that has a retina screen. so far I have tried

- exiting and restarting the game

- removing all mods

- turning on my retina screen in the sims (as I usually play with it off)

- resetting the dog

- rolling back the save

- repairing the game


none of these have worked and my dog still looks like she has rolled on oil Frown they appear to be fine when I remove the accessories or zoom in, but it only goes away when I zoom in to the maximum (which isn't really playable).


I'm not really sure what to do! 


I don't really want to uninstall and reinstall but I will if I have too. can I keep my saved files somehow??


thank you! I'd appreciate all help as I don't really want my pets looking oiled hah!


Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 20.41.07.png

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