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my sims won't stop glitching?

by dongslobber

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my sims won't stop glitching?

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my sims in sims 4 won't do a lot of things. i click on eat or put in inventory or clean up or just something basic like that, my sim will either do the action for when you cant walk somewhere where they wave their hand, or for a second stick their arms out and their emotion will change to fine for a second then go back to whatever it was before. i can sometimes make them interact with things by deleting and then rebuying an object like a stove or bed or something but i want a permanent fix. i have a lot of cc downloaded, but i've had it for a while even before this and it's never affected my game like this. i recently installed cats and dogs from a code in one of those dvd package things and it's been weird since. how can i fix my sims ???
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Re: my sims won't stop glitching?

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After a big pack or update like the one that came with The Sims C&D many mods/cc become incompatible, and you need to update them. Try to remove them and see if the game works better.
For example, move the Mods folder from Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4 to your Desktop and start the game.


If that works but you want to keep your mods, you can try some different things to sort out the ones not working:

  • If the problem started after the latest patch/update, always make sure to update your mods when you update your game. Check this list out for some mods that were broken in the C&D-patch! A few others have been broken after but not so many that there is a list.
  • Remove all mods and put back some at a time to find broken ones (last resort if you have like 1000 mods). Restart the game between the tries to see if it works.

Good Luck!

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Re: my sims won't stop glitching?

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yes, i do have a lot of mods but my sims are like, all cc.. like hair, clothes, makeup, accessories, shoes. if i remove them all to find out which ones are broken, can i still go onto my sims and see if things are broken????? 

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