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my sims is stuck on loading screen

by chickadeee1234

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my sims is stuck on loading screen

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every time i go on the sims Basketball launcher, it plays but its stuck on a loading screen! the loading screen I'm stuck on has a blue background a plumbob an a "3" beside it.

(btw I'm on a mac book pro)

please help me, I'm not very techy, i just want to play the sims!!!!




this is what it looks like

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Re: my sims is stuck on loading screen



Need more info on your Mac please, there are many different kinds of MacBook Pro. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your desktop and select About This Mac. You should see a window like the one above. Please provide the following information (you may need to click on More Info/System Report depending on what operating system you're running). Do NOT include your serial number:


  • Operating System (Version)
  • Mac model
  • Processor
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Graphics
  • 15" MacBook Pro users - click on System Report then Graphics/Displays in the left side list. If your Mac has dedicated graphics this will show up as either NVIDIA or AMD in the right side window, please list the specification here as well.
  • About This Mac.png

  • Are you running any antivirus?
  • (Sims 4) Have you tried to repair the game in Origin? Right click on the game in My Games and select Repair Game.
  • Do you use CC/Mods? If so, have you tried removing them and seeing if that fixes your problem?
  • What EPs/SPs/GPs do you have installed?

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