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Re: crashing/graphics issue with deleted mod

by Bluebellflora

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crashing/graphics issue with deleted mod

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Sims 4 has been crashing consistently whenever I open a save. At first it was just when I playing in San Myshuno, then it stopped for a bit so I downloaded mod/cc. Once I downloaded the mod/cc my game got screwed up which I knew could happen though it only happened after I got the mod not the cc. I deleted everything out of my game but it is still crashing on startup and my graphics aren't right. The floors in my builds are gone. They appear blue or clear rather than just nonexistent but suddenly some houses' floors are showing up again (I've done nothing). My screen has random blacked out spots (pics included) and when I can play there is a thin line that flickers. Now I noticed in build mode I can't rotate items either. I'll double click but all that happens is the display moves. I'm coming here and contacting the mod creator because I'm not sure what exactly is wrong.


My Mac is up to date (macOS Catalina 10.15.7). It's brand new and has more than the recommended specs so I thought it would be fine. I've tried repairing the game which works to keep it from crashing some of the time. I still can't play my saves in San Myshuno at all though. Even before I got mods/cc my game would crash and freeze and the screen would go haywire every time I played but it seemed to get better for like 2 weeks. I'm just confused how it's still messed up without them.



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Re: crashing/graphics issue with deleted mod



Please can you provide more information about your Mac. Instructions on how to do so and what to provide here -

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