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Wondering why EA didn't give a heads up...[Mac]

by brazukinhaa

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Wondering why EA didn't give a heads up...[Mac]

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So, i've been looking through the forums for a few days now, and trying to figure out why i too, cannot play the game i've been obsessed with since i was little. I'm actually wondering, if there is a problem for mac users to play this game, why is EA allowing mac users to "download for mac". Why not let us know from the beginning.. I've bought every sims, and expansions that have been released for years. This is such a disappointment. And the graphics are more than enough and should allow the game to run, so is EA having a problem with Apple alone or... ?
Is it ever going to work, or are do they not care at all about their customers? 
I had the same problem, it would freeze and i would have to restart, but then one time it actually worked and i was about to begin creating a sim, and after a while it froze again.
I used to be a huge fan, honestly, great game, but this is ridiculous.


@Bluebellflora  please and thank you in advance

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Re: Wondering why EA didn't give a heads up...[Mac]



Unfortunately the biggest problem with Sims 3 is Cider. Unlike Sims 1 and Sims 2 which were natively written for OS X, Sims 3 is the Windows version "wrapped" using Cider so the game thinks it's running in Windows when it actually isn't. This resulted in a massive hit performance wise on even the most powerful Macs with tons of RAM, quad core i7 CPUs and 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb GPUs. Sadly most post-2013 Macs are not compatible with the game due to their (mostly) integrated Intel graphics which are not supported. For whatever reason EA have decided not to update the game to accommodate the newer Macs so there are an awful lot of disappointed, angry and upset Mac users who now have no way of playing their game. There is a workaround you can try if you have one of the affected Macs, some have managed to get it to work, others haven't.


Sims 4 is natively written for OS X thankfully (and was 64-bit from the start, unlike Windows users who have only just had their games updated this month to 64-bit capability Wink ) but that's no consolation to the thousands of Mac users who cannot play Sims 3 anymore and have no interest in Sims 4.

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