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White flashings

by TheDreamyWriter

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Re: White flashings

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@TheDreamyWriter I also experience the white flashing as well whenever I play on fullscreen. The flashing stopped when playing on window mode, but sometimes, the wording becomes invisible so, I turn to full screen again to make it reappear.
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Re: White flashings

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@Bluebellflora I experience lagging and the same thing like the OP. If I moved the folder, are you referring to the EA folder in Documents, right? Do I need to change the setting on Origin as well?
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Re: White flashings



Yep, please try my suggestions Standard smile Could you also please provide more information about your Mac. Instructions on how to do so and what to provide here -

The Sims 3 Mac Forum - | - The Sims 4 Mac Forum -
- Origin Reset Tool for Mac - | - Current broken Mods List -
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- I am not affiliated with EA in anyway -
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Re: White flashings

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@Bluebellflora Mine is MacAir (mid 2013), basically, it's not advisable to use for gaming as its only met the min requirement. However, I don't find any problem playing most of the time, until recently.

I've always clean the cache, and even the localthumbcache, & I'm playing offline most of the time. I'll try your suggestion and see if it works.
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