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Re: 11-17-20 update

by alukrofka90

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[WORKAROUND] 11.17.20 patch - game won't stop loading

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I play on a Mac - My game did today’s update to fix the crashing and now it won’t load at all! Was waiting up to 10 mins and it was just stuck on the loading screen. I took off all my mods and still would not work. Any tips would be helpful, thank you!


(Merged all posts into this thread for the infinite loading issue since the 17.11 patch and edited title, Bluebellflora)

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Accepted Solution

Re: 11-17-20 update

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In the Origin app, right-click on the gear icon next to the Play button and select "Repair".

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sims 4sims 4

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I downloaded a new update on Origin but Sims 4 won't play. I can get to the point where I select which game to load, but the wait screen (green diamond with white text and blue background) just plays and the game never loads. I've tried restarting the game, Origin, my computer, and the problem persists. How do I access my saved games? I've got no mods but have expansion/game packs installed. Thanks.

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 4 crashing since November 2020 update, NOT CC/Mod relat

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Same here, no longer even loads, stuck on the spinning plumbob. At last before could play no sound, no can not play at all.

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11-17-20 update

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My game updated to stop the crashing and now it will not load whatsoever. Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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Re: 11-17-20 update

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@8KEL Yep, just stuck on the loading page... forever.
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Re: 11-17-20 update

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My game was working fine, no crashes at all until the 11/17/20 update, now it just loads continuously.

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 4 crashing since November 2020 update, NOT CC/Mod relat

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Hola! Yo he actualizado la semana pasada el juego y desde ese momento empezaron los problemas. En un Mac a través de Origin. Primero ya me salta un aviso de que he perdido no se cuantos objetos del modo construir. Empieza a ir exageradamente lento, los sims se quedan parados y corre el tiempo. Llegan tarde a todo aunque no estén haciendo nada porque no avanzan. Los objetos del inventario no deja desplazarlos a la casa. Los personajes que son esporádicos como "papa noel" y la muerte no han aparecido y no he podido interactuar con ellos. Es imposible jugar. Hoy lo he actualizado de nuevo ya que me pedía que lo actualizara, y ahora directamente no carga la casa. Accedo a la gestión de los mundos pero cuando hago click en acceder a la casa, se queda en la pantalla azul con el logo dando vueltas y los consejos eternamente. No consigo acceder a la casa así que no puedo jugar. He probado quitar el sonido pero nada, sigue igual. Por favor, volved atrás, la actualización ha sido un error enorme.  


Hello! I have updated the game last week and from that moment the problems started. In Mac with Origin. First I already get a warning that I have lost many objects in the build mode. It starts to go exaggeratedly slow, the sims freeze and time runs out. They are late for everything even though they are not doing anything. The objects in the inventory cannot be moved to the house. Characters that are sporadic like "santa claus" and Death have not appeared and I have not been able to interact with them. It is impossible to play. Today I have updated it again since it asked me to update it, and now it does not directly load the house. I access the management of the worlds but when I click on access the house, it stays on the blue screen with the logo circling and the tips eternally. I can't access the house so I can't play. I have tried to remove the sound but nothing, it remains the same. Please go back, the update was a huge mistake.

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Re: 11-17-20 update

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Hilariously, my game only crashed so that it could update.  Once the update finished it became completely unplayable.  Loading screens for upwards of 20 minutes every time I tried to open it.

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Re: 11-17-20 update

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Same here. I had the crash pre-patch so I was happy to get it today. Now the game won't go past the loading screen.

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Re: 11.17.20 patch - game not loading now

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Same for me. I never had any mods so that definitely wasn't it.

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