The Sims 4 Mac Legacy Edition thread

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The Sims 4 Mac Legacy Edition thread

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There seems to be a lot of confusion and potential issues for some attempting to download and install the Legacy Edition of the Sims 4. This thread aims to answer some common questions and also serve as a help thread for those needing further clarification and assistance. I am merging all current threads into it so as not to clog up the Mac forum with multiple posts on the same issue and also to not drown out those needing help on other issues. @EA_Mai has already posted a very helpful and informative sticky here, please read it together with this post before leaving a comment, your question has probably already been answered.


Update 14.11.22 - From 12 December 2022 the Legacy Edition of the game will no longer be available to download. In order to play the Sims 4 you must be using a Metal compatible Mac (source).


Q. Do I need to download and install the Legacy Edition of The Sims 4?

A. You must download and install the Sims 4 Legacy Edition if you are running a Mac that does not support Metal. The following Macs DO NOT support Metal:

Q. My Mac supports Metal but still forces me to install the Legacy Edition

A. Make sure you are running macOS 10.11.6 El Capitan or later. The current version of the game will not run on previous versions of macOS.


Q. Will downloading the Legacy Edition on a Mac which supports Metal fix any game issues I am experiencing?

A. No! The Legacy Edition is ONLY for those with Macs that are not Metal compatible. If your Mac supports Metal it will attempt to load the normal version of the game. The Legacy Edition is NOT A FIX for game issues on supported computers.


Q. Origin is prompting me to install the Legacy Edition, how do I do that?

A. Click on the Sims 4 in your Games Library in Origin, then click on the Extra Content tab, scroll down to near the bottom and you will see the Legacy Edition available to download, it will say Get it Free in the little orange box. Do not uninstall your current version of the Sims 4, it is required to run the Legacy Edition.


Q. My Mac is running macOS El Capitan/Sierra/High Sierra, why am I being prompted to install the Legacy Edition?

A. Some 2010 - 2011 model Macs can run versions of macOS up to and including macOS High Sierra 10.13 but do not support Metal. This is because the Intel/AMD/NVIDIA video cards Apple used in these machines do not support Metal. You will need to install the Legacy Edition of The Sims 4.


Q. Is my Mac 64-bit?

A. Yes! The 32-bit instruction for The Sims 4 Legacy Edition is only applicable to Windows users. The Sims 4 has always been 64-bit for Mac. Please disregard any and all comments regarding the 32-bit application of the Sims 4 that you read anywhere on the internet, it does not apply to Mac users.


Q. I installed the Legacy Edition and all my saved games have disappeared!

A. Go into Documents > Electronic Arts and copy your saved games folder from The Sims 4 folder to The Sims 4 Legacy Edition folder.


Q. I installed the Legacy Edition and all my Library items have disappeared!

A. Go into Documents > Electronic Arts and copy your Tray folder from The Sims 4 folder to The Sims 4 Legacy Edition folder.


Q. I cannot access the Gallery in the Legacy Edition

A. The Legacy Edition does not support any online features.


Q. I am not receiving any new game features introduced in new patches such as the hot tub, firemen, Alt window placement, platforms, scenarios etc.

A. Patches released for the current version of the game are not applied to the Legacy Edition, although your game will appear to update, therefore you do not receive any new features.


Q. I've purchased and installed an Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack/Kits through Origin but it is not showing up in my game.

A. The following Packs released since November 2019 are not compatible with the Legacy Edition and are therefore not playable:

  • Discover University
  • Tiny Living
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Nifty Knitting
  • Journey To Batuu
  • Snowy Escape
  • Paranormal
  • Dream Home Decorator
  • Cottage Living
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Werewolves
  • High School Years
  • All Kits

Q. Will my Mods and CC work in the Legacy Edition?

A. No idea, you need to check with the creator that they are Legacy Edition compatible. EA are not responsible for 3rd party content working in the game.

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No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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I have updated to sims 4 legacy like origin asked. Now i cant access the online gallery is it going to be stuck like this?


I have a 2014 macbook pro 


Also does this mean i wont be able to buy sims 4 university when its released?




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forced legacy edition on os catalina

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I currently have Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1

I thought I was covered as far as not having to download the Legacy Edition, but it seems that origin was trying to download it today.

Here are my specs:


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)

Processor: 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB

                Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB



If I need to provide anything else, please let me know! I also apologize if there is already a thread somewhere solving this question. Thank you!

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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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The Legacy Edition:

Will have no new content or bug fixes

Disables online features (No gallery, game banners or social integrations)

Does not support any pack after September 2019 (starting with Discover University)

Here’s the link to their FAQ:
It sucks. I’m sorry.

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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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Is there any way you can take it out? I thought it was a new patch update, but it ruined my game. Things I had in my old game that I cherish, I don't know how to get back. I just want the legacy off my game.

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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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You will need to upgrade your MacOS.

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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

@Pr1nc3ssam13 Moving this to the mac forum.

Good Luck


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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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@KitKatsMadison I tried to halt the update and just stay in the version I had but it didn’t work. Where it usually had “play” had an “upgrade”. The upgrade bricked my normal game. I think it’s Legacy or nothing. I’m pissed off enough right now that I’m leaning toward nothing.
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Issue opening The Sims 4 Legacy Edition for Mac

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I can't seem to open The Sims 4 anymore even after having the Legacy Edition installed on my Mac. After having dowloaded the latest patch (Nov 12th) and opening The Sims in Origin I got an error message telling me there was an initialization error and told me to download the Legacy version of the game from Origin. After downloading and installing it I tried opening the game again but still got the same error message (without asking me to download Legacy). I honestly don't know what I am doing wrong and I'd appreciate any tips on what I could/should do to play my game again.

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Re: No access to gallery sims 4 legacy

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@Pr1nc3ssam13 What MacBook Pro do you have? What GPU is in it? According to this Wikipedia page ( ) your MBPro can use Mojave and Catalina, so this means the GPU SHOULD support Metal. This means you shouldn't be required to use Legacy Edition.

What version of macOS do you have installed? The first version of macOS that contained Metal support was El Capitan (10.11), but the version that shipped with your laptop was Mavericks (10.9). Have upgraded to a newer macOS? If you haven't, can you consider moving forward to at least 10.11?
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