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The Mouse is Stuck in Place- The Sims 4

by SkizzyNova

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The Mouse is Stuck in Place- The Sims 4

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Okay, so my mouse is stuck in place. I've tried to fix it several times, but it doesn't work. I've tried looking up the answer, but I haven't seen the same problem with anyone. Devil

No, I'm not in CAS,(Create A Sim) and no, its not my mouse's fault. I've tried other solutions with similar problems, but they haven't worked. Frown

I don't want to force-quit it because I'll lose my progress. I have the MacBook Pro Sierra if that helps. 

Thanks :3 







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Re: The Mouse is Stuck in Place- The Sims 4

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May I ask how long it has been since you last saved your game?


EDIT: Also, have you tried Shift, Control, C then typed resetsim Firstname Lastname? I know it is not your sim that is frozen but this could be a possible solution.

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Re: The Mouse is Stuck in Place- The Sims 4

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It does not work

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Re: The Mouse is Stuck in Place- The Sims 4

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Now, I know this isn't a solution (and it's a bit of a late reply) but I have found a way to save your game beforehand so you can safely restart Sims without having to worry about redoing anything. Now just try to keep along as I say the steps,

1. Click the Esc. button on your computer, the little menu asking the numerous amount of things (like exit game, settings, etc.) should pop up. That's what we want.
2. So depending on where your mouse froze, which doesn't matter much because this is a loophole around that, you could use to your advantage or just do step 3 repeatedly until you're out of the game
3. Now click both the Shift and F1 button, yes this should open up the in-game Origin. If you don't have that enabled I suggest enabling it in another tab, it will be necessary to do this.
4. You shouldn't have any Origin tabs open, and you should be able to see the game in a darker tint. Of course you probably know this already. Also take note that you can move your mouse freely here, so with that said, put your curser over the button you desire to click
5. Click the Esc. button again to exit out of the in-game Origin, you mouse should still be there. If it's not you probably moved it, if you didn't then this might be useless but I suggest trying again before just assuming so.
6. Left click as you hear the choir sing in glee that you were able to save your game.

Hope this helped Wink

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