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Re: Specific CC Works one day and doesn't the other

by kreatora

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Specific CC Works one day and doesn't the other

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Hi! I am a mac user

Today when I opened the sims 4 it crashes at the EA screen

last night when I had opened the sims 4 all of my CC worked perfectly

but then the next day they all just broke. the cc was on the modified in the previous seven days tab.

I dont think it was the CC creators, because those CC files were working perfectly last night, and they just broke today, and I can't seem to fix it even with Sims4Studio. The cc files that are broken were downloaded on May 11-13, and they functioned well last night.

I can't seem to fix xit, and redownloading the file crashes my game as well. I've reinstalled my entire sims 4 folder, ran sims 4 studio nothing seems to work. Its a huge batch of CC thats broken, that worked perfectly last night so it doesn't make sense at all.

What is wrong?

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Re: Specific CC Works one day and doesn't the other

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Probably some of these CC doesn't work well with any sim interaction with a specific CC object. As long as this interaction did not happen in the game everything worked well. Now the files of this interaction are broken and each introduction of this CC to the game folder alerts the game.
Move the mods folder to the desktop.
Delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder
Fix the game in Origin.
Origin/Library -right click on TS4 - option "Repair game"
You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game.
Turn on the game to create a new, empty mods folder and to check if a game is working now without mods and CC.
Check if there are new updated versions of the mods and CC you are using.
Then copy from desktop your mods and CC and paste it in the new mods folder. First, paste script mods one by one every time checking if the game is OK. Do the same with CC but if you have a lot of this, try the 50/50 method.
You need to find this one culprit and remove it.

I don't work for EA.
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