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Re: Stuck / Unresponsive Sims - San Myshuno

by Bluebellflora

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Sims won’t complete actions

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My sims won’t complete actions. I have reloaded my laptop, repaired several times in origin, moved the mods folder to the desktop and it still won’t work. It seems fine when I go into other save games but this specific save game and household won’t do anything even if I reset the sims. They can walk to an object but just stand there unresponsive. I played another household in the save game and it was working fine for a while but then shortly after it stopped.
I have no mods/CC

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Re: Sims won’t complete actions

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Unfortunately I do not have the solution, I am having this same issue. Have you noticed if this happens in San Myshuno? Mine is specifically in this city.

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Stuck / Unresponsive Sims - San Myshuno

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All of my Sims are unresponsive in San Myshuno, on every lot. I tried to take out my CC and mods, update the game, repair the game, reset objects. Even the NPC Sims are unresponsive.
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Re: Stuck / Unresponsive Sims - San Myshuno

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@jonesy_jay @flower3809 


Please can you provide more information about your Mac. Instructions on how to do so and what to provide here -


Have you tried resetting the sim?

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