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Re: Sims 4 fails to pause in background on mac

by Bluebellflora

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Sims 4 fails to pause in background on mac

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.My daughter often has The Sims 4 running on our macbook.  The game does not pause when minimized, when the display goes to sleep, at the login screen, or when signed in to a different account.  This bogs down the macbook to the point it's nearly unusuable, and I have to go sign in to her account to exit the sims and am constantly harrassing her to remember to exit the game when done.  It would be much nicer if the game would simply stop running full bore when backgrounded.




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Re: Sims 4 fails to pause in background on mac


She needs to press pause when she is doing something else on the Mac.

If she insists on not quitting the game when doing other stuff on her Mac, do not minimise the game. There seems to be an issue with the OS WindowServer and TS4 currently. Minimising the game to the dock creates awful lag. There's a thread here on it -

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