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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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And Need for speed shift

and Crysis warhead 


concerning precisely the error on the image belowerreur.JPG

 "There seems to be a problem with the license server. Please try again in a few minutes."



all games using online activation with securom PA and paul.dll have the problem!

I reported the problem to the technical support and the French forum which normally after my feedback relayed the information here.

The only method I could discover to work around the problem is the use of paul.dll

to explain simply, the paul.dll file is a route to securom protection on the computer and the license server! Road is blocked for an unknown reason! the solution I mentioned is a change of route to a more recent route, the road


in truth it is more complex but I simplify a lot so that the greatest number can understand


my solution has been verified and validated


all I can say about this problem is that it is very recent and date and date since 17/07/18 maximum

I do not know where EA is in repair, I have had no feedback since



-that EA is fixing the problem
-request refund
-or force activation with the file up to date (see with the moderation of your forum)

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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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Okay, for everyone still following along, I may have a relatively simple solution to this problem.  Just to reiterate, this fix is for players who have installed TS3 in mac OS and find that the game hangs on the splash screen before throwing a connection error.  If you try to launch the game and get an immediate "unknown error" message, please read Bluebellflora's guide to installing TS3 on a mac and follow the instructions that pertain to you before trying this fix.


So, the fix.  The problem is a base game file called paul.dll that isn't working anymore, for whatever reason.  But you can replace it with another paul.dll file, one which will also be installed with just the base game.  To find the files, right-click on the TS3 icon in Applications (the one that brings up the launcher) and select Show Package Contents.  From there, the path is:


Contents\Resources\transgaming\c_drive\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\Packs\TS3


Right-click on the paul.dll file inside TS3 and select Move to Trash.  (You don't need to delete it, but if you try to drag it somewhere else, you'll just move an alias, and the original will stay in place.)  Then go backwards one level of folders, to Packs, and open TS3EP03.  (This folder references Late Night, but you don't need to have it installed.)  Right-click on the paul.dll file inside, select copy, and then paste it in Packs\TS3, where you got rid of the original paul.dll file.


Now you should be able to load your game.  Please let us know whether this works for you.  If not, you can try the .dll files from any of the other folders except TS3EP01 and TS3SP01—at least, these didn't fix things for me.


UPDATE:  If you plan on installing the TS3 base game plus only World Adventures and/or High-End Loft Stuff (i.e. no newer packs), you'll need to apply this same fix to the paul.dll file in Packs\TS3EP01 (WA) and/or Packs\TS3SP01 (HELS).  The same principle applies:  Dump the paul.dll files you find in these folders and replace them with the working paul.dll file from Packs\TS3EP03.  Thanks to @Tremayne4260 for testing and confirming both the need for and the viability of this fix.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you're having trouble with a game that is not The Sims 3, the principle of this fix may still work for you.  However, you may also need to track down and add a winui.dll file that's compatible with your replacement paul.dll and add both to your program files at the same time.  Please see this very helpful post by @beerxced79000 for more details, and keep in mind that this fix has so far only been confirmed to work for TS3.


If you're testing another game, please be sure to back up any files you move or remove, and by all means, post the results in one of the threads on this subject.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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I approve the solution indicates if it only concerns TS3


however, I quote:


"Now you should be able to load your game. Please let us know whether this works for you. If not, you can try the .dll files from any of the other folders except TS3EP01 and TS3SP01—at least, these didn't fix things for me."



IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE A BACKUP OF THE PAUL.DLL FILE WHICH IS IN THE GAME BEFORE ANY MOFICATION (otherwise a resintallation of the game may be necessary to recover the original file if necessary)

all Paul.dll files do not necessarily work! So we can not take any one even if the risks are low and will only waste time if it does not work! So if we have not made a backup of the paul.dll file before the modification, we will have to download or reinstall the game to recover the file paul.dll ....
And the recovery of this file may become necessary if EA repairs or has already corrected the problem.


f we take a version of Paul.dll older than the one already present in the game, then it is possible that the key of installation is not even more recognized and it will not advance the resolution of the problem


So it's better to take a more recent version of paul.dll!

but an update of the winui.dll file that works in conjunction with paul.dll to allow securom to display any errors on the user's screen will also be necessary, otherwise the game will refuse to start if we use a file paul.dll too recent with a winui.dll file too old.

so it is better to compare the versions of the files with any modification and useless attempt and for that it is necessary to make a right click on the file, then properties in the contextual menu which appears and finally the detail tab and you will obtain the version of the file.

for information files paul.dll and winui.dll are able to activate the online games that have the problem if it still persists.

Medalo of honor 2010 uses his files if you own the game, they can be found in the game installation folder and more specifically the "binaries" folder


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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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manifestation :


Crysis Warhead with paul.dll   (the problem was identical just before replacing the file on NFS shift and mirror's edge)


2:20 on the video


with paul.dll an winui.dll



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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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@beerxced79000  Dear Gods, THANK YOU so much for this information! Copied my 'paul.dll' and 'winui.dll' from one of my Sims 3 expansion files over to my Mass Effect binaries folder (after making a back up of course, ALWAYS make back ups, never skimp on your back ups people, they save so much time and pain) and it works! You're awesome for finding and sharing this information with us, all the internet hugs to you Heart


Now, DISCLAIMER: Obviously, this isn't a fix that is going to work for everyone. I'm lucky that I have another EA game that has these files, others may not be so lucky. While we have a work around now, that's all it is, the actual problem persists on EA's end and really needs fixing properly


Beerxced79000, you mentioned in your first post that this problem has been dated since 17/07/18? While looking through the forums of games related to this authorization system, I noticed the Dragon Age: Origins forum has been having issues connecting to their servers since July. Now, the link over on this page seems to point towards the Mac version of the game (and is a broken link... Wondering ) so I'm not sure if it uses this same authorization system across all operating systems. But if it does, it might be worth letting them know about this too, in case it helps there. I skimmed through a few of the recent pages here, and a server move on EA's end was mentioned, so I wonder if the authorization servers have been moved recently, and the 'road' for 'paul.dll' got broken that way? (I'm just guessing, I have no idea how servers work.) Maybe it's totally unrelated, but the fact that you mentioned July specifically makes me wonder.

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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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This worked for me! The game loads up now. Thank you so much for working hard to find a solution!!!

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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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I realized the problem on Friday 12/10/18 by putting all my software system in the factory and installing the games.
I bought crysis warhead on origin 17/07/18 and I activated it without problem on that date! By logic the problem has arrived in the meantime! it's just deduction and common senseWink

Friday I contacted EA support to explain the problem and report that I suspected a problem on their side on their server securom license.

After checking their side (check what? I do not know ... maybe only that the server was well plugged into the socket power ) they answer me that the problem comes from my internet connection.


After checking my parameters, in case my internet provider has made a bad joke in the meantime with an update, I see no problem on my side.

Knowing that I worked in the computer maintenance and that the problem can not come from my computer returned to the factory I found that the game "medal of honor 2010" in my original library also made its activation online with securom and that precisely, he had succeeded! I also know how securom works in broad outline.

from there, I think I do not have to explain the rest! The technical support has received all the information from me as well as on the french forum. I made it clear that anyone who will buy the games affected by the problem could only download and install it but not be able to start it and I was right!

Normally EA is working to solve the problem from what I understood.

for me there are only two possibilities:

- a modification on the license server, to correct.
- a certificate of validity implemented in the file paul.dll and which has just expired. (yes it's silly as situation)

so much so, that the second case will be more boring to solve than the first! but personally I do not care, after all I am a simple customer who buys his games and wishes to benificier ...

But all of this is only guesswork from my knowledge and I do not work at EA and I can be wrong.

I have simplified the explanations on paul.dll so that it is within reach of the largest number of readers and also for security reasons with this copy protection because we are on a public forum.

You're right on one point, my method of resolution is only temporary and you need the right files to apply it and therefore the good game that has its files. However his files have not been put on the french forum for reasons of validity and security, but can be provided by private message (me or moderation) history of depanner meanwhile!


Good Game all Wink

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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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there is another way for customers who have bought their boxed game with a disk installation and not in dematrialized Origin.

Just rename the paul.dll file to anything and leave the installation disk number 1 in the drive!

The game should normally be able to start because instead of proceeding to an online activation of the license, securom will rather verify that you have the original disc of the game and not a copy and thus authorized the start of the game.

it also works in reverse normally for those who bought a game box protected by securom 7! adding the paull.dll file must allow online activation of the game's installation key and the one should no longer need the original disk in the drive to boot. But also all versions of paul.dll will not work on all games so it may be a little complicated.


if it is an older version of securom or another protection, all this will not work of course! 


why paul.dll name ? because Product Activation User License

But it was just for information !you know everything  Wink

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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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hey guys, i have the same problem (there is a problem with connecting to the licence servers or however its called) but in the NFS Shift. it's just me or anyone have this problem too? the weird thing is that every game like BF3, Medal of Honor works properly but this one can not run properly. its important to know that I play at PC, not Mac though. anyone have an idea?
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Re: Sims 3 - "There is a problem connecting to the server..." installa

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I do not have dragon age and can not say anything! Desolate! I do not know if securom is MAC compatible! i just know that securom is windows 32bit compatible only !


after I only know the hardware and software part of IT! programming and code are not part of my skills!


thanks for the hugs

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